Episode 3: Kenya’s Policy Pathways

This week on Policy Pathways we are exploring how policy coherence can help Kenya to advance its sustainable development plans!

Kenya’s experts 

Listen to Policy Pathways episode 3 now! This week we are focused on the heart of East Africa, Kenya. Helping our host, Raissa Okoi, explore Kenya’s policy landscape are Joseph Karugia, Principal Scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute, Boniface Mburu, lead report author for CGIAR’S National Policies and Strategies Initiative policy coherence report for Kenya, and Lilian Kirimi, Senior Research Fellow at Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development. Each of our brilliant guests contributes to a thorough analysis of the main policy challenges facing Kenya’s food, land and water sectors. 

Policy Challenges 

Episode 3 explores how cross-sector policymakers can work together to tackle development challenges. For example, agriculture accounts for roughly 21.2% of Kenya’s GDP, with a significant proportion of the population finding employment in the sector. Ironically, while women are particularly prevalent in agricultural work, they are largely absent in the most lucrative parts of the value chain and decision-making process. With the help of our guest, Lilian Kirimi, episode 3 highlights the value of gender sensitivity in policymaking for food, land, and water.

Out now! 

As one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, Kenya plays an important role on the continent. Join us in the heart of East Africa for an informative discussion on the policy solutions which, as Joseph Karugia describes, can help policymakers “make optimal decisions for the society they serve.” 

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