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Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.
Research Call Launch

Call launch: Research needed on Water-Food-Nexus in rain-fed agri-food systems in...

The Netherlands-CGIAR Water-Food-Nexus call aims to enable scaling-up of soil moisture retention practices among smallholder farmers in rainfed agri-food systems.
NEXUS Gains Talk 24

Nexus Gains Talks: Spatially explicit approaches at the food-biodiversity-climate nexus

This NEXUS Gains Talk will focus on using spatial datasets to guide and prioritize interventions on and off-farm to support food security, biodiversity conservation, and climate mitigation objectives.

In solidarity with refugees on World Refugee Day

A week on from World Refugee Day, explore IWMI's work to support refugees and refugee hosting communities across the globe.

Drought Resilience +10 (DR+10)

Integrating knowledge & practice for drought resilience

IWMI’s new strategy shows the way forward for collective action on...

Strategy 2024–2030 sets course for the next stage of the organization’s research and innovation journey.

Anticipatory Actions are often neglected so let’s get behind long-term resilience

IWMI assembled a panel of Anticipatory Action experts for a webinar to discuss empowering communities with lasting Anticipatory Actions for long-term resilience and improved Food, Land and Water Systems.
Nexus Gains Talk 23

Nexus Gains Talks: Integrated water resources management for water, energy and...

This webinar will present results from the CGIAR Initiative on NEXUS Gains and related work in the Eastern Nile Basin that can help policymakers develop more impactful and integrated water solutions in a climate crisis.
Antara News

Solve water problems alongside food, energy: World Water Council

Rachael McDonnell said that matters related to water play an important role across sectors, including food, at the World Water Forum in Bali.
Swiss NGO DRR Platform Learning Days and Annual Event 2024

Swiss NGO DRR Platform Learning Days and Annual Event 2024

From observations to resilience: Unlocking NGO potential for weather, water and climate services.