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Episode 7: Egypt’s Policy Pathways

Join us in Egypt for the final stop on the Policy Pathways world tour! This week, we delve deep into the food, land and water challenges confronting Egypt as the country grapples with the necessity for enhanced resource quality amidst rapid population growth.
Construction workers build stronger riverbanks along the Nile River to protect it from erosion. Dominic Chavez/World Bank.

Greening gray infrastructure: uncovering the complexity of Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are a hot topic in environment and landscape planning networks. But are they a silver bullet for solving the climate crisis?
IWMI joins Anticipation Hub 1

Water security takes center stage in anticipatory action

IWMI partners with the Anticipation Hub to advance water security in fragile and conflict-affected settings.
Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks

Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks

This hybrid event spanning two weeks brings over 60 humanitarian networks and partnerships together for inter-network collaboration.

Rodrigo Ordóñez

Rodrigo Ordóñez works for IWMI as Global Communications Lead for Water Systems. As the organization's head of communications and knowledge management, he leads a...
International Mother Earth Day 2024

International Mother Earth Day 2024

International Mother Earth Day promotes harmony with nature and the Earth.
World Creativity and Innovation Day 2024

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2024

World Creativity and Innovation Day aims to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.

Nexus Gains Talks: Water-energy-food-ecosystems dynamics in a climate crisis

This webinar will discuss the complex relationships between water, energy, food, and ecosystems in the context of the climate crisis.

Episode 6: Lao’s Policy Pathways

Discover the challenges and solutions for sustainable development in landlocked Laos with Policy Pathways' penultimate episode.
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A glass half full? Facing up to our water futures

Alan Nicol gave a TEDx Talk on collective action approaches in responding to the unprecedented series of risks and threats facing the global commons.