World Water Day 2023

World Water Day 2023


March 22, 2023    
All Day

This World Water Day, join us in accelerating change for water security around the world.

Explore IWMI’s participation in the UN Water Conference 2023 and the eight action-oriented missions under IWMI’s Transformative Futures for Water Security initiative, which will be taken to the conference to be part of the UN Global Water Agenda.

IWMI at the 2023 UN Water Conference

This year’s theme for World Water Day 2023 is “accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis.” At IWMI, we are proud to be an organization that researches innovative solutions and scales them to improve water security in more than thirty countries across the Global South. Through our partnerships and innovations, IWMI researchers are providing solutions that transform not only water security, but also consider how water intersects with climate resilience, food security, and sustainable ecosystem management, all while promoting gender equity, youth inclusion and advocating for the populations most vulnerable to these crises.

Accelerating change to solve water crises means recognizing that every drop of water counts—and so does the work of our young researchers who are tackling water and sanitation challenges. That’s why this #WorldWaterDay we are highlighting the contributions of our research interns and consultants to projects ranging from food rescue in Sri Lanka to analyzing gaps in urban water policies in Pakistan. We encourage you to follow IWMI’s social media pages to watch short videos on projects underway in Africa, the Middle East, and Southern and Southeast Asia.

The value of water