Capacity building program

Improving our skills and those of our partners is the direct link between research and impact.
IWMI is seeking simultaneously to strengthen its own field research capacity and make a strong contribution to professional development of water resources researchers, especially those from developing countries. A range of activities support our capacity building program.



IWMI offers internships to students and recent graduates, who are generally engaged as volunteers. Students / graduates have the opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities with valuable career-related work experience while contributing to the IWMI’s broader mission. Students, especially those in the second year of a Masters’ degree working on topics related to IWMI’s research agenda are encouraged to apply. Subject to the availability of project funds, students may receive stipends, which could contribute to travel or living expenses. The duration of an internship engagement will depend on the nature of the assignment or project. The maximum duration under IWMI’s internship program is 12 calendar months from the date of engagement.

IWMI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Post Doctoral Scientist Programme is established to provide an opportunity for scientists with a recent PhD in sciences, to work on research issues to improve water and land resources through better technologies, policies, institutions and management within IWMI’s research mandate. A Post Doctoral Scientist is a full time researcher attached to a research program providing direct research contributions to IWMI’s ongoing research agenda. Employment drives are held every two years and announced on the IWMI website.

Visiting Scientist Program

Experienced scientists may be offered short-term appointments, ranging from 6 to 12 months, through IWMI’s visiting scientist program.  These appointments are aligned with current research projects and level of support is subject to available funding.

Policy Roundtables and Policy Briefs

By means of presentations to the highest possible level of target group (Ministers/Secretaries) by internationally known personalities, IWMI expects to reach top-level decision makers and create an awareness of water issues and innovative IWMI-researched policy options.

Workshops and Seminars

As a part of every research project, knowledge sharing sessions are conducted, through the medium of seminars and short courses.