Salary Scales, Benefits & Allowances

IWMI recruits different categories of staff:

  • International– Internationally recruited staff positions are advertised on the international labour market as it has been determined that the skills and expertise required to carry out the duties effectively require an international search. Regionally recruited staff are those recruited from the region of the duty post. Successful regionally recruited staff are eligible for expatriate benefits if they require international relocation.
  • National – Nationally recruited staff positions are advertised in and selected from the country of duty post. Only applicants who are eligible to work in that country are eligible for nationally recruited staff positions.

All jobs are offered according to fixed pay scales. The specific salary offered to an individual depends on the requirements of the role and the candidate’s pertinent professional experience.  Internationally recruited posts are paid in US Dollars and nationally recruited positions are paid in the local currency. Appointments are generally made on three-year renewable contracts; however, duration is subject to position funding and clearly stated on job advertisements.

Benefits and Allowances

All full-time IWMI staff receive company paid life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D), and long-term disability insurance (LTD) in addition to health insurance coverage for themselves and their eligible dependents.

Additional staff benefits and allowances are commensurate with the local customs and typically include a transportation allowance and contribution towards a retirement, provident, retirement or social security fund.

Gender balance

IWMI continues to expand its efforts to increase gender balance by targeting recruitments for female researchers from developing countries.

Performance-based incentives
IWMI links strategic and operational objectives to annual performance planning. Employee progress is reviewed periodically with a structured review of performance and achievement carried out each year, which is linked to a reward system.

Career Development
IWMI invests in a learning culture that fosters both personal and professional development. IWMI encourages employees to constantly challenge the status quo for the betterment of the organization.

Capacity building
IWMI promotes a network-based approach to collaborate research while expanding the role of researchers from developing countries in all of our research efforts.