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  Getting the better of bad weather (February 23, 2015) - Why new devices could set alarm bells ringing in the rain.
13 Is reverse osmosis (RO) treatment the answer to solving the CKDu riddle? (October 31, 2014) - In conversation with Harsha Kumar Suriyarachchi, former Vice Chairman, National Water Supply and Drainage Board by Renuka Jeya Raj Most experts agree that the presence of chemicals in groundwater has contributed to the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin (CKDu) in parts of Sri Lanka, although the exact combination of factors remains a […]
The prolonged drought dries up Sri Lanka's fourth largest river, Deduru Oya in the North Western Province
Photo: Arosha Ranasighe/ IWMI IWMI-developed tool to give Sri Lanka advance warning of drought (October 30, 2014) - Sri Lanka is only just emerging from a year-long drought that has wreaked havoc on the lives of around 10% of the population (link DMC situational report, 25 Sep). It destroyed over 80,000 hectares of paddy, accounting for about 15% of the paddy production forecasted for the entire year (2014) Rice production directly affects the […]
rainwater-table Increasing Sri Lanka’s rainwater storage will help protect people from floods and droughts (October 3, 2014) - The symposium helped to reinforce the need to make better use of the country’s erratic rainfall by storing it and using it during times of water scarcity.
IWMI-CEA signing ceremony IWMI to give pellet-making equipment to Kurunegala MC (July 31, 2014) - KMC to be a model plant under the Pilisaru Project

IWMI will provide pellet-making equipment to the Kurunegala Municipal Council (KMC) as part of its efforts to produce compost from municipal waste.
Logo_UNCCD_Worldday IWMI interviewed on World Day to Combat Desertification by SBS Australia’s Sinhala program (June 17, 2014) - Today is the World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD). The theme is ecosystem-based adaptation. IWMI’s Water Resources Engineer Nishadi Eriyagama spoke to SBS Radio, Australia, on the link between drought, climate change and desertification. The interview was broadcast in Sinhala in Australia this morning and led the 11.00 – 12.00 a.m.(Australia time) segment.
This TRMM real time data indicates extraordinary flooding that occurred in the districts of Kalutara, Galle, Matara and Ratnapua and some parts of Colombo as a result of the Southwest monsoon.  This rainfall was between 4 and 6 times higher than the monsoonal rains experienced in 2013 in the same period IWMI provides the Disaster Management Centre with flood information for relief efforts (June 10, 2014) - by Renuka Jeya Raj The onset of the Southwest monsoon brought incessant rains that lashed the Southwest part of Sri Lanka during the first two days of this month. Although it ended a five-month long drought, the rains took a heavy toll on the country. The unusually heavy monsoonal rains caused floods, landslides, high winds […]
Women inspecting the catch-feat A visit from the lagoon squad (May 22, 2014) - This year’s theme for International Day for Biological Diversity is the biodiversity of islands. A new report seeks to highlight their importance and improve steps towards sustainable management.
illegal sand mining4 Digging for development: the hidden cost of sand (May 19, 2014) - by Dharshani Weerasekera Sand mining in Sri Lanka is not only undercutting riverbanks, it is also undermining water quality, ecosystems and land use, and, according to some, the country’s recent economic progress. In Sri Lanka, artisanal or manual sand mining from rivers has supplied the country’s construction industry for hundreds of years. Since 1990, the […]
World Water Day 2014 Junior Quiz organized to celebrate World Water Day 2014 (March 22, 2014) - by Renuka Jeya Raj IWMI is organizing a schools quiz to celebrate World Water Day. The program aims at promoting awareness among schoolchildren, of the importance of fresh water in sustaining life – for the environment, agriculture, health and trade. Quiz topics will be based on ‘water and the environment’ in Sri Lanka as well […]
Lindha Langa Home Page IWMI launches new online discussion space on water issues in Sri Lanka (January 22, 2014) - Hosted on the website of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Lindha Langa – which means Around the well in Sinhala – will bring the latest news on water issues in the country, and encourages readers to join in the discussion.
DIS_0338 Lagoons. Dynamic, productive and…vulnerable (October 25, 2013) - Sri Lanka’s post-conflict development drive has recently put the island’s many lagoons under its searchlight.  For most of them, their status as biological, ecological and economic entities has remained largely unknown.  Negombo Lagoon is one of the exceptions; a highly successful fisheries hub which has seen more research than most.  But exploitation of its growing […]
CRI to address climate change impacts in Sri Lanka (July 23, 2013) - The Coconut Research Institute is organizing an “International Conference on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations for Food and Environmental Security” in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy, and the Regional Office of the World Agroforestry Centre, New Delhi, India, from 30th to 31st July 2013. In this conference authoritative statements on the […]
Sri Lankan water history informs global climate change study (June 14, 2013) - Modern farming practice of rainwater storage in ancient tanks lauded as best practice adaptation strategy Bonn, Germany. 14 JUNE 2013 —Whether it’s bracing for drought in Sri Lanka with a return to ancient water storage systems or swapping coffee for cocoa in Central America, findings from a new report from the CGIAR Research Program on Climate […]
No regrets for agriculture: Study urges new climate change policies (June 14, 2013) - One of the biggest challenges policy-makers face when dealing with climate change adaptation and mitigation is the uncertainty of predictions. This often leads them to ask climate scientists for more reliable forecasts, rather than starting to act. But even though knowledge and climate models will improve, there will always remain a pinch of uncertainty. Yet […]
Wise about Water: New research program for Sri Lanka seeks to better understand water use, agriculture and the environment (June 11, 2013) - On World Environment Day, Dharshani Weerasekera , reflects on how Sri Lanka’s water resources will need careful husbandry to ensure high quality supplies are available to all. For most of us, especially in Colombo, the torrential rains of December 2012 and January this year were just an inconvenience. But their consequences elsewhere in the island […]