Climate Change and Water Fellowship Opportunity

As the part of climate change studies, focused research /case studies are planned. Students doing masters in Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Soil Sciences and Agricultural Engineering are invited to submit proposals for fellowship support.
Focused areas for the research/case studies:

  1. Crop pattern, water use efficiency and economics under different farm sizes and irrigation sources
  2. Best adaptation practices of rice production systems in the regions
  3. Validating different rice farming systems (alternate wetting and drying, direct seeded rice, SRI, etc)and increasing nutrient use efficiency
  4. Livelihood assessment as a consequence of the identified land use adaptation changes towards climate change
  5. Vulnerability and farm level adaptation mechanisms under Nagarjuna Sagar project.
  6. Crop insurance and farmers response

Students need to submit the proposal with above mentioned lines. Duration of the study will be 4-6 months. Assistantship will be given based on the budget proposed for completing the task under the supervision of the IWMI-Tata project team. A certificate upon completing the given task will also be given to the students for their involvement in the research project.

Interested students are encouraged to apply through their heads of departments enclosing their CV and work plan. For further details contact Palanisami. K, Director ITP (k.palanisami@cgiar.org) or K. Krishna Reddy, Special project scientist (k.krishnareddy@cgiar.org)


Studentship opportunities at IWMI-TATA

ITP has Short Term Research Studentship Program with the main objective to provide an opportunity to undergraduate/graduate science students to familiarize themselves with water research – methodology and techniques by being associated for a short duration with ongoing research program or by undertake independent projects.

The program awards studentships to deserving students to carry out research for a maximum period of 6 months.

Applications are accepted & reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year. Application must include a brief resume including 2 academic references and 2 page study proposal, giving details of study, time frame & budget.

Interested students can send in their application to the Program Director (k.palanisami@cgiar.org), and mention “ITP Studentship–2008-09” on the cover / email subject line.


Research Grants

Research grants to experienced individual researchers (faculty at institutions of higher education), Research institutions; NGO’s, postdoctoral researchers and other doctoral-level researchers are awarded on a regular basis.

Research topics may cover a wide range of policy or practice related issues falling within the ITP themes.

Applicants for Research Grants may be citizens of India. Applicants must have had prior research experience and have published their work. Researchers who have previously received ITP Research Grants are welcome to submit new proposals.


Application Requirements

All applications for Research Grants must include:

  • Information on the Principal Investigator (contact and background information, current curriculum vitae) and Co- Principal Investigator(s), if applicable.
  • Research proposal (limited to 7 single-spaced pages) that addresses the following:
    • Brief review of relevant research/policy literature
    • Policy issue and its importance
    • Description of methodology including proposed data set and criteria for selecting data file, sample (e.g., groups used, exclusions to sample, and estimated sample sizes),variables (including selection of variables and rationale for, using them), and analytic techniques
    • Importance of findings to the policy issue
  • Conceptual or figural model outlining the framework or design of the study
  • Proposed budget
  • Brief list of current other support (grants, awards, etc.)

Applications are welcome through the year and will be reviewed and awarded periodically.


Application Submission

Proposals must be submitted electronically. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals at least 2 months in advance to the date of commencing the study.



Dr. K. Palanisami,
Director IWMI-TATA Water Policy Research Program
International Water Management Institute
401/5, C/o ICRISAT,
Patancheru 502 324,
Andhra Pradesh,

Email: k.palanisami@cgiar.org