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How CGIAR research is helping close the global gender gap

A World Economic Forum article by IWMI director general Claudia Sadoff.

7th Africa Water Week

“Decolonizing” formal water law to pave the way for smallholder irrigation

When the climate change news is good and bad

The authors of a new study about climate change impacts in Kenya have both good news and bad for the country’s vital Tana River Basin.

Digo Jal Bikas Update: Forming Partnerships Across Basins

Beginning research on a three-year long project that will establish a comprehensive understanding of the water resources of the Karnali and Mahakali basins.

Watershed Moments: A photographic anthology celebrating 30 years of research for a water-secure world

Understanding issues, assessing options for change, and proposing solutions.

Linking Women’s Perspectives on Empowerment with Water Access

We bring you a photo story of women farmers in Far-Western Nepal highlighting their personal experiences and daily struggles towards empowerment.

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