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Farmers irrigate their crops using a Sunflower Solar Irrigation System. Photo: Jeffery M Walcott / IWMI

The current heat is a chilling reminder of the climate crisis...

Turning the challenges posed by climate change into opportunities for innovation and transformation.
Mediterranean Green Week 2024

Mediterranean Green Week 2024

"Towards a greener and more resilient Mediterranean," underlines the urgent need for collective action safeguard the unique ecological diversity of the Mediterranean region.
Aravansay basin in Osh province falls under Syrdarya basin. Photo: IWMI

Between interest and influence

The WE-ACT project is fostering effective transboundary water collaboration and streamlined decision-making.
The Kulun-Yanyuoyiri Bridge. Photo: Ibrahim Abu Abdulai

Unlocking rural development

Understanding the drivers of social transformation and climate resilience in rural communities provides evidence for further development action.

Saving the world’s wetlands

Under the WETWIN project, researchers looked at issues in seven wetlands from Africa, Europe and South America.