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CGIAR Science Week

CGIAR Science Week

CGIAR is convening the world’s leading scientists and thinkers at the intersection of agriculture and climate for its inaugural Science Week.
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Breaking barriers in agriculture

IWMI researchers discuss breaking barriers and ensuring food security and economic prosperity for farming communities in Nepal’s mid-hills.
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Farmers urged to prepare for El Niño to trigger record-high temperatures

IWMI and CIMMYT warn of changing climate patterns in South Africa.
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El Niño event declared; impacts on countries in Southern Africa expected

IWMI and CIMMYT call for action as multiple climate prediction centers concur that this El Niño event will reach a “strong” category in the northern hemisphere by the winter of 2023-24.
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El Niño event declared: Impacts on the Limpopo river basin in...

IWMI and CIMMYT encourage stakeholders in the Limpopo River Basin to stay informed about the evolving El Niño event and its potential implications.