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CGIAR Science Week

CGIAR Science Week

CGIAR is convening the world’s leading scientists and thinkers at the intersection of agriculture and climate for its inaugural Science Week.
Demo Day of the AgriTech4Uzbekistan Innovation Challenge

Demo Day for the AgriTech4Uzbekistan Innovation Challenge

On the live Demo Day 10 finalists will pitch their innovations to secure funding that will enable them to introduce their products to the Uzbek market.
A refugee settlement in Uganda. Photo: IWMI

Waste or resource?

How a circular water and food economy is affecting the nutrition, health and livelihoods of refugee and host communities in East Africa.
Nexus Gains Talks March

NEXUS GAINS Talks: Transformative leadership program for women professionals in the...

To mark International Women’s Day, this NEXUS Gains Talk will discuss the importance of developing the transformational leadership capacity of women and men across WEFE sectors.

Building Capacities for Climate Resilient Peace in the MENA Region: Are...

The event aims to address the pressing need for enhancing capacities in the face of climate, peace, and security challenges in the MENA region.
The climate and us

The Climate and Us

This brand-new series explores solutions to some of the most pressing climate and health challenges.
CGIAR researchers discuss the challenges of decolonizing research.

Decolonizing agricultural science: Are we ready to embrace change?

Decolonizing science is increasingly discussed within the CGIAR community. Recently, a panel of researchers explored whether we are prepared for this transformation and ready to embrace the change.
Native fruits and vegetables found only in the forests of Maharashtra, India

Protecting and promoting traditional foods one woman at a time

Women and food-centric interventions through the NATURE+ Initiative aim to increase the resilience of rural women.
Farmer with her maize crop, Chochocho Irrigation Scheme located in the Inkomati Catchment, South Africa

Leave no farmer behind: IWMI and partners prioritize inclusivity at Africa...

The annual event gathers a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss the agricultural challenges facing the continent. 

NEXUS Gains Talk 12: Country-Driven Nexus Food and Land Use System...

This session will focus on the development of long-term pathways for sustainable food and land use systems. The webinar will provide an opportunity to delve into the innovative “scenathon” approach implemented by the Food, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Land Use, and Energy (FABLE) Consortium.