Iwmi.cgiar.org: International Workshop on “Tackling Water and Food Crisis in South Asia: Insights from the Indus Gangetic Basin”

Indus-Gangetic Basin (IGB) Focal Project is an initiative by the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF), lead by International Water Management Institute and with a host of global and national partners. Indus-Gangetic basin is one of the most populous in the world and given the diversity of agro-climatic, social and economic conditions in the four riparian countries – India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, it is clearly one of the most complex river basin systems in the world.

CPWF Basin Focal Project for the IG Basin
International Water Management Institute
2-3 December 2009, The Silver Oak Room, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India


FlyersTackling Water and Food Crisis in South Asia: Insights from the Indus-Gangetic Basin

Research Briefs
CPWF-IWMI Basin Focal Project for Indus-Gangetic Basin

Research Brief – Series I
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Research Brief – Series II
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Research Brief – Series III
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Research Brief – Series IV
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Research Brief – Series V
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Research Brief – Series VI
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