DailyNews.lk: No rain no grain

The rains are next expected in Mid March and the country needs to find a way to survive until then.

“The issues we are going to face in the next three months is a good warning about what will happen in terms of climate change in the next 20-30 years. Our study at the Institute shows that in the next 20-30 years, small farmers in the Dry zone will suffer very much. Climate models also show that rice output in the Dry zone can drop by 15 percent or more.”

This begs the question, do we save water for drinking or let our agricultural fields which grow our food have it? The government in the meantime has warned that they would be shutting off water for agricultural purposes in certain areas given the shortage. Running short of drinking water thus has been a major worry all around but the National Water Supply and Drainage Board General Manager, G.A. Kumararathna speaking to the Daily News said they had not made assessments of reservoirs and rivers as of yet as the problem had not become grave thus far but they would look into having some controls in another six weeks. “We will look into controls during the latter parts of February,” said Kumararathna.

According to Amarnath Giriraj the best solution to deciding where the water should go could be planned using knowledge on the current water resource availability and its demand, which is efficiently monitored through water resource modelling and satellite data.


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