Episode 4: Colombia’s Policy Pathways

Episode 4 of Policy Pathways takes you to one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Colombia!

Find Policy Pathways episode four now! Explore how Colombia can integrate peacebuilding and conservation solutions to secure a sustainable future for its rich food, land, and water systems.

Hear from the Colombia experts on Policy Pathways.

Policy Pathways is delighted to welcome back Augusto Castro Nuñez, Senior Scientist at Alliance-CIAT and the Lead author for Colombia’s NPS Initiative report. Speaking alongside Castro Nuñez is Miguel Peña Varón, Senior Researcher at the CINARA Institute of Universidad Del Valle. Throughout the episode Castro Nuñez and Peña Varón offer us fascinating insights into the barriers facing policy coherence in a country that is emerging from conflict to become an ambitious player in international efforts to tackle the climate crisis.  

Colombia’s rich biodiversity is a policy asset.

Colombia is the only South American country featured in the CGIAR Initiative on National Policies and Strategies policy coherence reports. Chhavi Sachdev, our host for episode 4, was keen to uncover what makes Colombia such a good sample when it comes to analyzing the continent sustainable development policy. To understand why Colombia is important to the NPS policy coherence reports, Castro Nuñez and Peña Varón expand on the commonalities Colombia shares with its neighbors. This includes the rich biodiversity of the Andes Mountain range, Amazon region, and the Pacific region which are all found in Colombia.

The episode also explores where the country’s unique political, social and environmental context diverges from the other nations surrounding it. If implemented successfully the recommendations in the NPS policy coherence reports could be useful as an example of the benefits of integrating peacebuilding and conversation solutions. 

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Tune in to Colombia’s Policy Pathways now! Find it on the Policy Pathways Podcast page or search ‘Policy Pathways’ on your favorite streaming site! Check back in on Wednesday the 3rd of April when Policy Pathways will be exploring policy coherence in Nigeria. 

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