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Since there is no running water inside the houses of Dhap, women carry water home in large jars from a nearby public water tap. Before water management started in Dhap village, there used to be long lines of people waiting their turn to collect or use the water tap. Photo: Tom van Cakenberghe / IWMI

In Nepal, despite political empowerment, women find limited opportunities to shape...

Despite progress, old mindsets continue to challenge gender and social inclusion in community water management.

DownToEarth.org: Breaking silos in disaster management

An integrated approach involving all concerned stakeholders can help farmers combat the ill-effects of climate-induced natural disasters
IWMI field assistant taking a rainfall water sample in Shikharpur for isotope analysis. Photo: Andrew Reckers / IWMI

Recharging Nepal’s mountain springs

A novel approach for determining where and how to intervene.

World Water Day 2019

Toward a fair future in river basins across the developing world.
Photo: Michelle Ng / IWMI

Making science and knowledge inclusive for gender equality

Could women be the source of change? Advances in women’s representation in government show much promise.

Gender solutions for sustainable water management in Western Nepal

IWMI study calls for investment in the social capital and capabilities of women and marginalized people.
Nepal’s Koshi River Basin faces an uncertain climate future. Photo: Fraser Sugden / IWMI

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

New information on water resources to guide development in Nepal’s Koshi Basin.

Navigating the road to socially inclusive hydropower

Asia Times opinion article reports insights from new research in Nepal.
Farmer Raman Parmar on his farm with the IWMIs solar pump pilot in Thamna village near Anand

Groundwater and sustainable development

New reports heighten awareness of an urgent imperative.

TheThirdPole.net: The importance of local voices in Nepal’s hydropower projects

A trip along the Karnali river, where a major hydro electric project is planned, showcases how different communities are impacted, and who can negotiate, and who cannot.