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From noxious sludge to clean water

Environmental economist Soumya Balasubramanya explains health in Bangladesh could be improved by safely recycling waste.

So what do you do with the poo in a pit...

Bangladesh has done a great job of getting more toilets to more people. Now it needs to figure out how to empty them.
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Reimagining wastewater economics: a breakthrough in Bangladesh

A proposed scheme would spread payments and make waste collection safe and profitable.

New insights into the Ganges River Basin

New book presents an overview of the challenges facing the critically important Ganges river as a water resource for 500 million people.
Agriculture on the banks of the Ganges river at Varanasi, India

Turning a river into a machine

The Ganges can be an engine for sustainable development.

Migration, water and the trajectory of rural change in South Asia

In large parts of South Asia, a majority of families pursue a dual livelihood strategy, depending on both farming and migrant wage work.

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South Asia running out of groundwater

India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan along with China account for nearly half of the world’s total groundwater use and these regions are expected...

Ganges women to bear the brunt of climate change

Poor women and vulnerable groups will “bear the brunt” of climate change in parts of Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Cleaning the Ganges

New effort to help nurse India’s most sacred river back to health.
Women’s group, Barisal, Bangladesh.

Big benefits in small spaces

Bangladeshi women find profit in new methods of vegetable cultivation and cattle rearing.