World Water Week 2021


August 23, 2021    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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The role of water in transforming Africa’s value chains

Three African regions – three countries – several agricultural value chains – and a host of local, regional and global partners – this session takes a water-centric approach to food systems, and provides an opportunity for participants to discuss the access, use and management of water in value chains.

Using the World Bank-funded AICCRA (Accelerating the impact of the CGIAR’s climate research in Africa) project, this super interactive session will provide an opportunity for participants to unpack the role of water in food systems transformation in Africa.  A presentation by a guest speaker, and a panel discussion from the partners working in different African countries in various value chains (aquaculture, rice, livestock) will provide an overview of how water is accessed, used, and managed in several food systems.

Using interactive virtual tools, participants will be able to share their experiences on: what value chains they work in, how water is used, managed, accessed in these value chains; does insufficient or lack of water availability/access pose a risk to their business operations(/same) etc; do they provide any products and or services which depend on water access/storage/use; does their water availability/access require constant investment (financial or human effort)? Y/N if Y how etc. These issues will be further unpacked in breakout discussions.

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