7th National Seminar on Recycling Waste Water and Reuse System


March 13, 2015 - March 14, 2015    
All Day


Majitha Road, PO Naushera, Amritsar
Majitha Road, PO Naushera, Amritsar, PO Naushera

Reclaimed water or recycled water is former wastewater (sewage) that is treated to remove solids and impurities, and used in sustainable landscaping irrigation, to recharge groundwater aquifers, to meet commercial and industrial water needs, and for drinking. The purpose of these processes is sustainability and water conservation, rather than discharging the treated water to surface waters such as rivers and oceans. Recycled water can be used for stream flow augmentation to benefit ecosystems and improve aesthetics. The definition of reclaimed water, as defined by Levine and Asano, is “The end product of wastewater reclamation that meets water quality requirements for biodegradable materials, suspended matter and pathogens. Simply stated, reclaimed water is water that is used more than one time before it passes back into the natural water cycle.

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