Breaking barriers in agriculture

IWMI researchers discuss breaking barriers and ensuring food security and economic prosperity for farming communities in Nepal’s mid-hills.

Speakers stress need to raise awareness about climate change

The seminar, organized by IWMI, stresses climate change awareness, its impact on agriculture, and the need for adaptation, urging informed action.

Seeds of Change: Navigating climate-induced challenges in farming and everyday life

The seminar, organized by IWMI, looked at how climate change threatens Pakistan's agriculture-dependent economy, requiring adaptive measures like flood protection, drought-resistant crops, and public awareness.

Farmers urged to prepare for El Niño to trigger record-high temperatures

IWMI and CIMMYT warn of changing climate patterns in South Africa.

Climate change poses threats to food, water security

Climate change threatens Pakistan's food and water security. An IWMI-hosted workshop stressed data-driven, sustainable water management to combat challenges.

Panel at ‘World Water Week’ highlights water security in Tibet and Himalayas

The World Water Week panel, co-hosted by IWMI and the US State Department, discussed Tibet's vital role in Himalayan water systems, highlighting China's environmental impact.

In Memoriam – Dr. Chris Panabokke

IWMI is deeply saddened by the passing of eminent Sri Lankan scientist Dr. Chris Panabokke.

Indus to become ‘a seasonal river’ by 2050 if glaciers continue melting

At an event co-hosted by IWMI and USAID, experts warn that rapid melting of glaciers in Pakistan's north could turn the Indus River seasonal, endangering 240 million lives.

Promoting youth-led innovation to build climate-smart agribusiness solutions

Ten groups, consisting of young entrepreneurs, professionals, and graduate students, with ideas for transformative approaches to climate-smart agriculture and climate information services participated in the three-phase challenge.

IWMI wins Award for Digital Transformation from Project Management Institute (PMI) in Sri Lanka

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) was honored with the Award for Excellence at the 2023 edition of the National Project Management Excellence Awards, organized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Sri Lanka.

Middle East’s groundwater shortage: Will it soon run out?

IWMI plays a pivotal role in addressing groundwater management challenges across the Middle East.

Save Water Save Money — Farmers In Odisha & Assam Benefit From Micro Irrigation Systems

The 'Resilience' project, implemented by IWMI, aims to enhance the adoption of efficient micro irrigation systems, including sprinklers and drip irrigation, among smallholder farmers in the Indian states of Odisha and Assam.

Professor Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi: How is climate change affecting the future of the world?

Professor Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi, IWMI Research Group Leader - Sustainable and Resilient Food Production Systems, discusses the impact of climate change on the world's future, highlighting its effects and implications.

Youth seek climate-smart agri-solutions in innovation challenge

In celebration of International Youth Day, IWMI and BongoHive hosted a Demonstration Day in partnership with the Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research in Africa (AICCRA) project in Zambia.

Middle East Water Security: Competition heats up as resources become scarcer

IWMI is highlighted in the context of the deteriorating water security situation in the Middle East and North Africa region in the August 2023 Al-Monitor PRO Trend Report.

Stakeholders raise awareness against floods

IWMI convened experts in climate change, water resources, and disaster risk reduction to discuss flood prediction and early warning in Nigeria.

June-July 2023 Research Journal Roundup

Roundup of research, journal and other academic articles from June and July 2023.

Flooding – Stakeholders strengthen synergy

IWMI, hosting the workshop, highlighted the importance of flood forecasting and early warning systems in mitigating flood impacts, considering the growing global trend of intensified heavy rainfall events due to climate change.

El Niño event declared; impacts on countries in Southern Africa expected

IWMI and CIMMYT call for action as multiple climate prediction centers concur that this El Niño event will reach a “strong” category in the northern hemisphere by the winter of 2023-24.

Irrigation for rural development

IWMI researchers call for careful planning, environmentally responsible water management and active community participation to ensure long-term success of irrigation projects in Nepal.

Experts stress efficient groundwater use

IWMI in Pakistan organized a workshop to discuss the critical issue of water conservation and sustainable groundwater management in Balochistan.

Decision Making On Scientific Data For Improved Water Resource Management Critical: IWMI

This training was conducted through the World Bank funded Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Project (BIWRMDP).

Cause and Effect | ‘Scientist’s job isn’t to negotiate, but to give evidence to govts’: Aditi Mukherji, IWMI

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, convened for a four-day session on Tuesday to begin the next round of what is known as the assessment cycle.

Making Nepali farmers happy

The integration of groundwater-based irrigation systems with farmer-managed irrigation systems holds great potential, says IWMI researchers.

Online modules on Solar Irrigation for Agricultural Resilience launched!

The IWMI-led project’s main goal is to contribute to climate-resilient, gender-equitable, and socially inclusive agrarian livelihoods in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan by supporting government efforts to promote solar irrigation.

Pretoria residents do their part to celebrate Mandela Day

IWMI joined the Mandela Day celebrations.

In memoriam – Kakhramon Djumaboev

IWMI is deeply saddened by the passing of our esteemed colleague Kakhramon Djumaboev at the age of 45. Kakhramon was a water management researcher, based in Uzbekistan.

El Niño event declared: Impacts on the Limpopo river basin in Southern Africa expected

IWMI and CIMMYT encourage stakeholders in the Limpopo River Basin to stay informed about the evolving El Niño event and its potential implications.

Institute assesses investment climate for circular bioeconomy

IWMI has kick-started a study in Nigeria to identify key gaps affecting waste management and entrepreneurship development in the circular bioeconomy sector.

Geo Tv: Crops that require less water should be grown, experts say GeoTv News

In Okara, with the support of the International Water Management Institute, a project on the development of smart agriculture and checking the level and quality of underground water is working.

Himalayan glacier loss speeding up, new report finds

Santosh Nepal commented on what this shift means for meltwater.

Business Recorder: IWMI installs 50 soil moisture sensors at farms in Okara

Dr Cheema said these water sensors had been installed under WRAP Programme Component 1: CRS-IWaG, and IWMI Pakistan hoped that this technology would be used by other farmers as well, as they see its benefits.