Climbing the IWMI ladder

IWMI believes that investing in staff, so they perform to the best of their abilities, is the way to achieve its aim of securing ‘water for a food-secure world’. We link strategic and operational objectives to individuals’ performance goals. Each employee’s progress is regularly reviewed with a structured appraisal of how well they have performed and what they have achieved. Good performance is rewarded financially at the end of each year and by internal promotion.

IWMI’s culture of learning fosters personal and professional development. As part of our aims to achieve gender balance, we encourage female employees to take up management roles. The field offices also provide opportunities for staff to move around the organization into new roles in new places. 

IWMI encourages employees to constantly challenge the status quo for the betterment of the organization.

IWMI’s policy of building in ‘uptake goals’ at the outset of projects, means that the findings of researchers’ work are widely communicated and put to use within communities. Our scientists often receive commendations for high achievement; for example, the previous Deputy Director General Dr David Molden won the 2009 Award for Outstanding Scientist in the CGIAR for exemplary leadership on the ‘Comprehensive Assessment’ project, which analyzed how water is used globally in agriculture.