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Sri Lanka

Full Name Designation Email Address
Adams Vasudeva Aloysius Coordinator – Travel & Visa a.aloysius [at]
Aditya Sood Researcher – Integrated Hydrological Modeling a.sood [at]
Ajantha Ihalawela Senior Software Engineer a.ihalawela [at]
Ajantha Perera Driver a.t.perera [at]
Ajith Perera Driver a.n.perera [at]
Ajith Wijayaratne Distribution Officer a.wijayaratne [at]
Alan Nicol Theme Leader – Governance, Gender and Poverty a.nicol [at]
Alvin Poncin Head of Program Management Office a.poncin [at]
Amarnath Giriraj Sub-Theme Leader: Water-related Disaster Risk Management a.giriraj [at]
Anusha de Silva Senior Human Resources Administrator a.desilva [at]
Arshad Razali Iyne Help Desk Coordinator r.iyne [at]
Buddhika Walatara Receptionist/Administrative Assistant b.walatara [at]
Chanika Gunawardena Human Resources Administrator c.gunawardena [at]
Chanchala Kariyawasam Program Officer c.kariyawasam [at]
Chandima Gunadasa Head of Library c.gunadasa [at]
Chandima Subasinghe GIS/RS Analyst c.subasinghe [at]
David Rider Smith Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Learning – WLE d.ridersmith [at]
David Wiberg Theme Leader – Water Futures d.wiberg [at]
Diluka Piyasena Communications Coordinator for Global Water Partnership-South Asia (GWPSAS) Regional Office d.piyasena [at]
Dilupa Dharmasena Accounts Officer d.dharmasena [at]
Dishni Fernando Project Officer d.fernando [at]
Dominique Perera Manager – Web Communications d.perera [at]
Duminda Sanjeewani Information Management Specialist d.sanjeewani [at]
Emma Greatrix Senior Program Manager e.greatrix [at]
Eranga Peduruarachchi Head of Human Resources e.peduruarachchi [at]
Farah Ahmed Coordinator for Research into Impact – Asia f.ahmed [at]
Gamini Halvitige Acting Head of Finance g.halvitige [at]
Hashan Jayawardena Software Engineer h.jayawardena [at]
Hemantha Samarakoon Junior Clerk h.samarakoon [at]
Herath Manthrithilake Head, Sri Lanka Development Initiative h.manthri [at]
Himani Elangasinghe Program Assistant h.elangasinghe [at]
Ian Makin Acting Deputy Director General – Research i.makin [at]
Iresha Dharmawardhana Senior Officer – Maintenance i.dharmawardhana [at]
Ishara Caldera Officer – General Accounting i.caldera [at]
Izabella Koziell Program Director – WLE i.koziell [at]
Janitha Godamuduna Contracts and Agreements Officer j.godamuduna [at]
Jennie Barron Theme Leader – Sustainable Agricultural Water Management j.barron [at]
Javier Mateo-Sagasta Senior Researcher: Water Quality and Safe Reuse j.mateo-sagasta [at]
Jeremy Bird Director General j.bird [at]
Johannes Paul Researcher, Integrated Waste Management j.paul [at]
Judy Paris Administrative Officer: Assistant to Theme Leader [at]
Julie van der Bliek Adviser Program and Business Development – Europe j.vanderbliek [at]
Kalpana Ambrose Project Manager – Business Development k.ambrose [at]
Kahthan Deane Senior Network & Systems Engineer k.deane [at]
Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy Practice Leader for Applied Research and Knowledge Transfer k.vairavamoorthy [at]
Kamani Rajanayake Senior Regional Manager – HR Operations k.rajanayake [at]
Kapila Rohana Kumara Driver k.kumara [at]
Karthikeyan Matheswaran Postdoctoral Fellow: Surface Water Modeling and Hydraulics k.matheswaran [at]
Kiran Chandrasekharan GIS/RS Specialist k.chandrasekharan [at]
Krishna Chaitanya Rao Researcher – Business Model Analysis and Enterprise Development k.c.rao [at]
Kokila Muttiah Officer, Project Accounting k.muttiah [at]
Lal Abeykoon Junior Clerk l.abeykoon [at]
Lal Muthuwatta Regional Researcher – Hydrological Modeling & Remote Sensing l.mutuwatte [at]
Mahen Chandrasoma Senior Production Editor m.chandrasoma [at]
Mahesh Gunaratne Internal Auditor m.gunaratne [at]
Mala Ranawake Program Officer m.ranawake [at]
Manjula Rowel Assistant Accountant m.rowel [at]
Manoj Jayasuriya Web and Multimedia Specialist m.jayasuriya [at]
Marene Abeysekera Program Officer m.abeyesekere [at]
Meredith Giordano Advisor, Research Strategy and Management m.giordano [at]
Miriam Otoo Sub Theme Leader – Business Opportunities for Resource Recovery and Reuse/Researcher – Economics m.otoo [at]
Mohamed Aheeyar Researcher m.aheeyar [at]
Nadeesha Rajapaksha Senior Project Officer n.rajapaksha [at]
Nalika Kumari Accounts Assistant n.kumari [at]
Nathanial Matthews Global Research Coordinator – WLE n.matthews [at]
Nicoline de Haan Coordinator – Gender, Poverty and Institutions n.dehaan [at]
Nihal Silva Officer Travel and Visa n.silva [at]
Nilantha Sangapalaarachchige Head, Facilities and Administration n.sangapalaarachchige [at]
Nilanthi Jayathilake Research Officer – Septage Management & Reuse n.jayathilake [at]
Nilanthi Ramanayake Administrative Officer n.ramanayake [at]
Nilupuli Pethiyagoda Administrative Officer – Conference Coordinator n.pethiyagoda [at]
Nimal Attanayake Layout and Graphics Specialist n.attanayake [at]
Niranga Alahacoon RS/GIS Analyst n.alahacoon [at]
Nirudha Perera Senior Manager – Global IT Services n.perera [at]
Nishadi Eriyagama Water Resources Engineer n.eriyagama [at]
Nishath Yapa Senior Database Administrator – Software Engineer n.yapa [at]
Nuwan ‎ Abeyrathna Geospatial ‎ Programmer ‎/‎Analyst n.abeyrathna [at]
Pay Drechsel Theme Leader, Resource Recovery, Water Quality, and Health p.drechsel [at]
Pavithra Amunugama Manager, Publications p.amunugama [at]
Pradeepa Amarasekera Manager – Legal p.amarasekera [at]
Prasadini Peiris Receptionist/Administrative Assistant p.peiris [at]
Priyantha Chandrasena Driver p.chandrasena [at]
P.W. Pathirana Electrician w.pathirana [at]
Ranjith Alankara GIS/RS Assistant a.ranjith [at]
Ranjith Samarakoon Accountant r.samarakoon [at]
Ranjith Wickremasinghe ICT Support Officer r.wickramasinghe [at]
Rasika Thushantha Information Management Specialist r.thushantha [at]
Ravi Dissanayake Transport Officer r.dissanayake [at]
Riazzi Ziard IT Manager r.ziard [at]
Robyn Johnston IWMI Representative – Myanmar r.johnston [at]
Rohitha Liyanage Stores Officer r.liyanage [at]
Salman Siddiqui Senior Manager GIS/RS/Data Management Unit s.siddiqui [at]
Samanmali Jayatillaka Administrative Officer c.jayathilake [at]
Sampath Ranawake Office Aide s.ranawaka [at]
Samurdhi Ranasinghe Communications Assistant d.ranasinghe [at]
Sandaruwan Wickrama Senior Systems Analyst – Web and Information Systems s.wickrama [at]
Sanjeevani Fernando Manager – Grants s.perera [at]
Sanjeewa Amarasekara Help Desk Coordinator s.amarasekara [at]
Sanjiv de Silva Researcher – Natural Resources Governance s.s.desilva [at]
Sarath Gunasinghe GIS/RS Assistant s.gunasinghe [at]
Sepali Goonaratne Administrative Officer to Director Asia & the Sri Lanka Program s.goonaratne [at]
Shalini Kumaresan Manager, DG’s Office s.kumaresan [at]
Shantha Kumara Driver S.Keddagodage [at]
Shantha Marasinghe PC Support Technician s.marasinghe [at]
Sharmani Gunawardena Senior Administrative Officer s.gunawardena [at]
Sharon Perera Executive Officer to Deputy Director General sharon.p [at]
Shuhei Yoshimoto International Researcher s.yoshimoto [at]
Soumya Balasubramanya Researcher – Environmental Economics s.balasubramanya [at]
Srabani Roy Director, Asia srabani.roy [at]
Sudarshana Fernando Resource Recovery and Reuse Expert s.c.fernando [at]
Sumith Fernando Layout and Graphics Specialist s.fernando [at]
Sunil Seneviratne Manager, Office Support Systems Office s.seneviratne [at]
Syon Niyogi Corporate Services Director s.niyogi [at]
Theodore Horbulyk Principal Researcher – Economics t.horbulyk [at]
Udana Ariyawansa Information Management Specialist u.ariyawansa [at]
Thusitha Jayatilleke Administrative Officer t.jayatilleke [at]
Uditha Liyanage Officer – General Accounting u.liyanage [at]
Upali Karunanayake Purchasing Officer u.karunanayake [at]
Upali Amarasinghe Senior Researcher u.amarasinghe [at]
Upamali Surangika Senior Administrative Officer: Assistant to the Theme Leader u.surangika [at]
Viranga Kularatne Junior HR Officer v.kularatne [at]
Vijayapala ‎ Sinnathamby Project Manager s.vijayapala [at]
Yamuna Udumalagala Information Management Specialist y.udumalagala [at]
Yvonne Weerasinghe Senior Administrative Officer y.weerasinghe [at]

IWMI East Africa & Nile Basin

Full Name Designation Email Address
Alemseged Tamiru Haile Researcher – Hydrology/Hydrological Modeling a.t.haile [at]
Amare Haileslassie Head of Office – IWMI East Africa a.haileslassie [at]
Ato Aschalew Teshome Accounting Officer a.teshome [at]
Birtukan Alelegn Office Assistant b.berhanu [at]
Daba Dandena Driver d.dandana [at]
Daniel Van Rooijen Postdoctoral Fellow – Ecosystems and Hydrology d.vanRooijen [at]
Dessalegn Tadesse Communications Officer d.tadesse [at]
Fitsum Hagos Social Science/Economist f.hagos [at]
Gebrehaweria Gebregziabher Research Economist g.gebregziabher [at]
Liza Debevec Researcher – Social Sciences l.debevec [at]
Nigist Wagaye Programme Management Officer n.wagaye [at]
Petra Schmitter Agriculture Water Management Specialist p.schmitter [at]
Prossie Nakawuka Postdoctoral Fellow – Irrigation p.nakawuka [at]
Rahel Thiruneh Senior Administrative Assistant r.mesganaw [at]
Wolde Bori Researcher, Land Resources Management w.bori [at]
Zadoc Ogutu Focal Region Manager (Nile) – WLE z.ogutu [at]
Zenebe Adimassu Postdoctoral Fellow – Water and Landscapes z.adimassu [at]

IWMI Southern Africa

Full Name Designation Email Address
Barbara van Koppen Rural Sociologist & Gender Expert b.vankoppen [at]
Charles Nhemachena Regional Researcher – Agricultural Economics c.nhemachena [at]
Chris Dickens Principal Researcher and Head of the Office c.dickens [at]
Everisto Mapedza Senior Researcher – Social and Institutional Scientist e.mapedza [at]
Girma Ebrahim Post-Doctoral Fellow: Hydrogeology & Water Resources g.ebrahim [at]
Greenwell Matchaya Researcher – Economics/ReSAKSS Coordinator g.matchaya [at]
Jonathan Lautze Senior Researcher (Water Resources Management) j.lautze [at]
Karen Gunter Acting Office Manager k.gunter [at]
Karen Villholth Sub-Theme Leader (Groundwater and Underground Solutions) k.villholth [at]
Luxon Nhamo Researcher (Agricultural water management & GIP specialist) l.nhamo [at]
Manuel Magombeyi Researcher – Hydrology/Hydrogeology/Water Resources Management m.magombeyi [at]
Mpho Nkoana Finance Clerk m.nkoana [at]
Mphobane Silas Ranamane Driver/Office Assistant m.ranamane [at]
Nicole Lefore Senior Project Manager – Research for Development n.lefore [at]
Sibusiso Nhlengethwa Research Officer – Statistics s.nhlengethwa [at]
Thokozani Dlamini Communications Officer t.dlamini [at]
Wanda Golden Hlase Financial Officer w.hlase [at]
Yvan Altchenko Senior Researcher – Hydrogeologist y.altchenko [at]

IWMI West Africa

Full Name Designation Email Address
Alfred Ghartey Driver – (IFPRI) a.ghartey [at]
Bedru Balana Researcher – Economics b.balana [at]
Damian Laryea Sweetpotato Food Scientist – CIP
Benjamin Ghansah GIS/Spatial Analyst b.ghansah [at]
Boubacar Barry WASCAL Coordinator b.barry [at]
Collins Asante-Addo Research Officer – IFPRI c.asante-addo [at]
Dramani Owusu Field Labourer – CIP d.owusu [at]
Daniel Akansake Assistant Sweetpotato Breeder – CIP d.akansake [at]
Daniel Amponsah Twumasi Driver d.twumasi [at]
Davie Kadyampakeni Researcher – Agricultural Water Management d.kadyampakeni [at]
Ebenezer Aboah Cleaner/General Maintenance e.aboah [at]
Ebenezer Aboah Cleaner/General Maintenance ebenezer.aboah [at]
Edward Boateng Cleaner/General Maintenance e.boateng [at]
Elsie Odonkor Volta Gender Research Officer e.odonkor [at]
Eric Adu Administrative Officer- Logistics e.adu [at]
Eric Dery Research Officer – CIP e.dery [at]
Eric Nartey Research Officer, Recycling and Re-use e.narteye.dery [at]
Gladys Baaba Arhin Administrative Officer – IFPRI g.arhin [at]
John Agandin Research Officer – IFPRI j.agandin [at]
Joseph Boateng Cleaner/General Maintenance j.boateng [at]
Josiane Nikiema Sub Theme Leader – Water Quality and Safe Water Reuse j.nikiema [at]
Katharina Felgenhauer Social Scientist for Public- Private Partnership k.felgenhauer [at]
Lorriene Ofori Administrative & Finance Manager l.ofori [at]
Marloes Mul Senior Researcher – Hydrology and Water Resources m.mul [at]
Martin Ofori Driver m.ofori [at]
Maxwell Twumasi Regional Office IT Support Lead m.twumasi [at]
Muhammed – Awal Zakaria Senior Officer: Administration and Accounts – CIP m.zakaria [at]
Olufunke Cofie o.cofie [at]
Pamela Katic Researcher – Economics p.katic [at]
Patience Davor Cleaner – General Maintenance (IFPRI) p.davor [at]
Philip Amoah Senior Researcher – Regional p.amoah [at]
Richard Appoh Research Officer – Agriculture Water Management r.appoh [at]
Richard Teku-Amankwa Senior Finance Officer r.teku-amankwa [at]
Sampson Diku Driver (IFPRI) s.diku [at]
Sena Amewu Research Officer – Agricultural Economist s.amewu [at]
Seth Asante Junior Research Officer (IFPRI) s.asante [at]
Shadrach ‎ Tweneboah‎ Office and Laboratory Assistant -CIP s.tweneboah [at]
Solomie Gebrezgabher Researcher – Economics s.gebrezgabher [at]
Tiero Kofi Field Labourer – CIP t.kofi [at]
Timothy Williams Director, Africa t.o.williams [at]
Zinabu Mohammed Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist z.mohammed [at]

IWMI Cairo, Egypt

Full Name Designation Email Address
Alvar Closas Researcher – Groundwater Management and Policy a.closas [at]
Edwin Rap Acting Head of Office, IWMI North Africa & Near East Office e.rap [at]

IWMI – Laos

Full Name Designation Email Address
Anousith Keophosay Research Officer a.keophoxay [at]
Dalaphone Sihanath Communications and Research Uptake Specialist d.sihanath [at]
Diana Suhardiman Sub-Theme Leader (Governance & Political Economy) d.suhardiman [at]
Guillaume Lacombe Senior Researcher – Hydrologist g.lacombe [at]
Hinsila Phouthavong Driver/Office Assistant h.phouthavong [at]
Kim Geheb WLE Mekong Regional Coordinator k.geheb [at]
Lisa Maria Rebelo Senior Researcher – RS & GIS l.rebelo [at]
Mansoor Leh Researcher – Water Accounting m.leh [at]
Matthew McCartney Theme Leader – Ecosystem Services m.mccartney [at]
Michael Victor Knowledge Management and Engagement Coordinator m.victor [at]
Oulavanh Keovilignavong Postdoctoral Fellow – Policy and Institutions o.keovilignavong [at]
Paul Pavelic Principal Researcher – Hydrogeology p.pavelic [at]
Phonethip Banouvong Administrative Assistant p.banouvong [at]
Sengkham Xayalath Administrative Assistant s.xayalath [at]
Sengsamay Punkeo Administrative Assistant – WLE s.punkeo [at]
Sonali Senaratna Sellamuttu Senior Researcher and Head of Office, IWMI Southeast Asia s.senaratnasellamuttu [at]
Viphakone Sirivong Regional Office Manager v.sirivong [at]

IWMI Central Asia

Full Name Designation Email Address
Ilhom Babaev Administrative and Finance Manager i.babaev [at]
Ilshat Tukhvatullin Driver/Office Assistant i.tukhvatullin [at]
Kakhramon Djumaboev Water Resources Management Specialist k.djumaboev [at]
Oyture Anarbekov Senior Research Officer o.anarbekov [at]
Zafar Gafurov Research Officer – RS/GIS z.gafurov [at]


IWMI Hyderabad


Full Name Designation Email Address
Aruna Jyothi Associate – Data Entry j.arunajyothi [at]
Beverly McIntyre Senior Researcher, Water Management b.mcIntyre [at]
Mohammed Qadir Senior Transport Assistant md.qadir [at] Sekhar Rao Office Assistant s.chandrasekhar [at]


IWMI Anand (IWMI/TATA Program)

Full Name Designation Email Address
P. Reghu Executive Assistant p.reghu [at]
Tushaar Shah Senior Fellow t.shah [at]


IWMI India (New Delhi)

Full Name Designation Email Address
Alok Sikka IWMI Representative – India a.sikka [at]
Anil Singh Office Assistant a.rawat [at]
Anoj Kumar Scientific Officer anoj.kumar [at]
Krishna Kakumanu Agriculture Economist k.krishnareddy [at]
Marie-Charlotte Buisson Researcher – Economics, Impact Evaluation m.buisson [at]
Manoj Singh Transport Assistant manoj.singh [at]
Nitasha Nair Senior Communications Officer n.nair [at]
Panchali Saikia Scientific Officer p.saikia [at]
Priyanie Amerasinghe Senior Researcher : Human and Environmental Health p.amerasinghe [at]
Sanjay Bisht Senior Driver cum General Assistant s.bisht [at]
Sigtia Nirmal Senior Officer – Administration n.sigtia [at]


IWMI Nepal

Full Name Designation Email Address
Ambika Khadka Research Officer ambika.khadka [at]
Bhupendra Karki Finance officer b.karki [at]
Devendra Gauchan National Project Manager d.gauchan [at]
Floriane Clement Senior Researcher and Sub Theme Leader, Gender & Poverty f.clement [at]
Fraser Sugden Political Economy & Water Governance/Head of Office – IWMI Nepal f.sugden [at]
Khemlal Tamang Lama Driver cum Office Assistant k.tamangLama [at]
Luna Bharati Principal Researcher-Hydrology and Water Resources l.bharati [at]
Manita Raut Project Coordinator m.raut [at]
Om Prasad Acharya Office Manager o.acharya [at]
Pennan Chinnasamy Researcher – Geohydrology and Remote Sensing p.chinnasamy [at]
Ram Bastakoti Researcher – Institutions and Policies r.bastakoti [at]
Ramesh Tamang Driver/Office Assistant‎ r.tamang [at]
Richa Gurung Administrative and Programme Support Officer r.gurung [at]
Romulus Okwany Irrigation Engineer r.okwany [at]
Safal Khatiwada National Project Assistant s.khatiwada [at]
Stephanie Leder Postdoctoral Fellow – Gender and Poverty s.leder [at]


IWMI Pakistan

Full Name Designation Email Address
Amanullah Jan Office Manager a.jan [at]
Asghar Hussain Senior Research Officer (Spatial Data Analyst) a.hussain [at]
Arif Anwar Principal Researcher – Irrigation/Head of Office a.anwar [at]
Azeem Ali Shah Regional Researcher – Governance of Water Institutions a.shah [at]
Majid Khokhar Driver m.khokhar [at]
Malik Ahmed Receptionist/Administrative Assistant m.s.ahmed [at]
Moghis Ahmed Accountant a.moghis [at]
Muhammad Aslam Researcher – Water Resources muhammad.aslam [at]
Muhammad Tousif Bhatti Researcher – Hydrology/Water Management tousif.bhatti [at]
Riaz Wicky Driver/Office Assistant r.wicky [at]
Tabrez Ahmad Administrative Officer t.ahmad [at]
Tahir Ahmed Head of Finance & Administration – IFPRI a.ahmed [at]
Zia ul Haq Research Officer z.ulhaq [at]
Full Name Designation Email Address
David Wiberg Theme Leader – Water Futures d.wiberg [at]
Ian Makin Acting Deputy Director General – Research i.makin [at]
Jennie Barron Theme Leader – Sustainable Agricultural Water Management j.barron [at]
Jeremy Bird Director General j.bird [at]
Julie van der Bliek Director, Partnerships & Knowledge Management j.vanderbliek [at]
Meredith Giordano Advisor, Research Strategy and Management m.giordano [at]
Syon Niyogi Corporate Services Director s.niyogi [at]
Timothy Williams Director, Africa t.o.williams [at]
Full Name Designation Email Address
Bharat Sharma Emeritus Scientist b.sharma [at]
Chu Thai Hoanh Emeritus Scientist c.t.hoanh [at]
K. Palanisami Emeritus Scientist palanisami.iwmi [at]
Madar Samad Emeritus Scientist m.samad [at]
Ravinder Paul Singh Malik Emeritus Scientist r.malik [at]

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