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  • For big decisions, like buying a car, we may do a bit of research; but most of the time, we simply follow our gut feeling as a guide. But do we want t
    Imagine a workshop where people come together with the stated aim of producing documents to carry forward a body of work ten years in the making. We s
    When it comes to payment for ecosystem services, a long list of criticisms can often ensue. How can we put a price on nature? Are we willing to put ou
    Transboundary cooperation in the Water Sustainable Development Goal can benefit from existing research. Here are six indicators for monitoring transbo
    Most people have played some kind of game in their lifetime. Be it cards, monopoly, or Farmville, this unique form of entertainment allows us to escap
    Rainwater harvesting has been practiced for millennia throughout the world yet rainwater harvesting is still unknown to many communities. Recent innov
    Big dams have been taking a something of a pounding in recent weeks. A recent article in the New York Times by Scudder, an expert on dams and poverty
    Integrated business models throughout the sanitation value chain can turn waste into valuable resources such as biofuels or fertilizer and save water,
    In southern Laos, rice fields are not only important for rice; they also harbour fish, frogs, insects, snails and plants, that are caught to supplemen
    What are “wicked problems”, why are they wicked and what does it take to do something about them? These are central issues in our new book, “Wat
    No country in the world runs its economy without subsidies. Even avowedly free market states, like the US, are awash with financial fillips for everyt
    Multiple use water services takes domestic and non-domestic water needs as a starting point for the planning and provision of water services, holding
    Who would have thought that the restoration of natural habitats, such as cloud forests, could help keep the light bulb on a bit longer during periods
    How can we best protect forests for the myriad ecosystem services they provide – capturing and storing carbon, protecting river systems and soils, m
    Community-Based Natural Resources Management has been applied widely, from the forests of Malawi to the coastal zone of Bangladesh. But it appears tha
    A new film spotlights a research project that demonstrates how the ‘big win’ is actually the result of the convergence of many small interventions
    Business as usual in water management will not provide adequate water security, upon which our global economy relies ever more heavily. Part of the b
    As global demands for food and biofuel escalate, foreign investors have shown a keen interest in African land. The furious pace at which large-scale l
    The recommendations outlined in this post were shared with India\'s Finance Minister during pre-budget consultations. The budget speech earmarked ~ US
    During a “Dragon’s Den” session, researchers and communicators pitched policy recommendations to a panel who provided candid, straightforward an
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  • This study assesses the changing consumption patterns of rice in Bangladesh and its implications on water demand by 2030. Rice dominates food and water consumption patterns in t...
    Water for Food in Bangladesh: Outlook to 2030
    A review of global water demand projections (WDPs) show substantial over- or under-estimation. The pre-1990 WDPs, with population as the main driver of change, over-projected cu...
    Global Water Demand Projections: Past, Present and Future.
    This report analyzes the influence of agrarian transformations on the feminization of agricultural production in rural Tajikistan. It explores women’s multiple labor relations...
    Land Reforms and Feminization of Agricultural Labor in Sughd Province, Tajikistan.
    This manuscript undertakes a review of current published information (peer-reviewed and grey literature) on Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka. I...
    Review of Literature on Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka
    Gebregziabher, Gebrehawaria; Rebelo, Lisa-Maria; Notenbaert, A.; Ergano, K.; Abebe, Yenenesh. 2013. Determinants of adoption of rainwater management technologies among farm hous...
    Determinants of Adoption of Rainwater Management Technologies among Farm Households in the Nile River Basin.