Project Profile

Water and land management trajectories

Duration : July 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021

This work will set-up integrated assessment models for selected river basins in the world to analyse impact pathways of changes in the resources and management of water systems with an emphasis on agricultural and land and water management solutions across scale. This information will be co-designed with regional stakeholders to better understand potential synergies and tradeoffs in such decisions. The work will also be used to increase both stakeholder and IWMI/CG use and development of this type of modelling approach.

Location(s): Global
Project Contact: Langan, Simon
Donor(s): WLE
Research Collaborator(s) : IIASA, University of Bonn ZEF,

Farmers cultivating lettuce, while another farmer digs a small canal (marwa) with a donkey, Egypt. Photo: cc: Hamish John Appleby/IWMI