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A woman farmer inspecting sprinkler-950. Photo: Hamish John Appleby / IWMI

Conference lays out shared vision of strategies and investments needed to...

Affordable finance, digital tools and innovation bundles are among the enablers that can help meet Africa’s irrigation potential of 60 million hectares in the next five years. 
Zambia’s Ministry of Agriculture Acting Permanent Secretary Mrs Peggy Mlewa officially launched the ZADMS platform and technical brief

IWMI launches high-tech drought monitoring system for Zambia

Applying new technologies and approaches to address the social, environmental and economic consequences of climate change.

In Memoriam – Dr. Madar Samad

It is with great sadness that we learned last month of the death of Dr. Madar Samad, Emeritus Scientist at the International Water Management Institute, who passed away at the age of 74, having served the institution for over two decades.

United Nations: More nations can be better prepared for drought as...

Experts at COP 27 have made apocalyptic forecasts of weather under climate change if urgent action is not taken.
Dried-up canal in Gujarat. Photo: Hamish John Appleby / IWMI

More nations can be better prepared for drought as IWMI takes...

IWMI has launched its next-generation South Asia Drought Monitoring System (SADMS) platform.

Solar Irrigation Pump (SIP) Sizing Tool

IWMI-ICAR-BISA Beta Version By offering 1400-2200 hours of reliable, zero marginal cost, green energy for pumping, solar irrigation pumps (SIP) can be a godsend for farmers,...
Vegetable waste generated in the Colombo vegetable wholesale market (Photo: Nalaka Wickramasinghe/IWMI)

Waste not, want not

Recovery of safe and nutritious food from wholesale to consumer and safe redistribution for direct human consumption to reduce hunger and malnutrition.
IWMI launches the South Asia Drought Monitoring System

IWMI launches the South Asia Drought Monitoring System (SADMS)

There is now a successful solution to reduce vulnerability to droughts in South Asia by providing national authorities the maximum possible lead time to put mitigation strategies into place.
Danghesta village, Dangila district, Amhara region, Ethiopia, runs on gravity where water from a tank flows into the irrigation tubes. Photo: Mulugeta Ayene/WLE.

How irrigation scaling partnerships are boosting farmers’ resilience and livelihoods

Solutions have helped to strengthen demand and supply linkages along irrigated agricultural value chains, increasing farmers’ access to solar irrigation technologies and services, and ultimately boosting yields.
Farmers attending a solar irrigation pump demonstration by Pumptech in Northern Ghana. Photo: Thai Thi Minh / IWMI

Cultivating innovation in Africa’s food systems

Evidence-based irrigation scaling strategies co-developed by IWMI aim to accelerate innovation in agricultural value chains.