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International Dialogue on Mountain People and Climate 2024

International Expert Dialogue on Mountains, People and Climate Change 2024

This expert dialogue on mountains, people and climate change aims to strengthen, coordinate, and prioritize mountain-based actions in the context of climate change and encourage mountain countries and agencies to collaborate on UNFCCC mountain work programs and mandates.

Los Angeles Times: Crisis in the Himalayas – Climate change and...

The recent tragedy encapsulated the potent mix of natural and human-made dangers.

Disaster Risk Reduction Hub For Koshi River To Be Developed

A recent UNESCAP disaster risk-focused report has identified transboundary river basins in South Asia as disaster hotspots. One such area in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region is the Koshi basin.

Rice and Reason: Planning for System Complexity in the Indus Basin

The summary of this scenario development workshop and a Vision for the Indus Basin will be shared as part of the IBKF3 at the end of the event.

Sri Lanka hosts meeting of minds on the Indus Basin 

Experts identify key steps to strengthen knowledge on climate change and other water-related challenges 
Delegates from the Maldives, Seychelles, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka discuss which adaptation gaps are the most actionable

From the Hindu Kush to the Indian Ocean

Closing knowledge gaps for climate adaptation

Managing water for food security and economic development in Nepal

High level policy dialogue organized by IWMI.

Keeping track of liquid assets

‘Water Accounting Plus’ helps policymakers go with the flow

Thehimalayantimes.com: ICIMOD picks up future Director General

He has worked with USAID in Nepal, Egypt. Currently he is the Deputy Director General Research of International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in Sri...

Over 4000 UCs water quality assessment completed

According to the report, the major collaborative organisations are: United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco), International Water Management Institute (IWMI) International Centre...