World Water Day : Water Fights Poverty

March 22 is World Water Day. Many countries today face physical water scarcity and as their economies develop and grow, emerging issues include water availability, competition between different users and the human and environmental implications of lack of water. IWMI is carrying out research to find solutions to help developing countries adapt to future water challenges and reduce poverty. Access to water can make all the difference.

World Water Day Poster: Water Fights Poverty

Download and print the World Water Day Poster jointly produced by IWMI and Brandix (Lanka) as part of an awareness creation program. Brandix is a leading manufacturer and exporter of apparel and accessories. Water is their area of Corporate Social Responsibility, and they are engaged in community programs to help people have better access to water. Brandix is using this poster to create awareness of water issues in rural schools and in its factories around  Sri Lanka.
Download the poster [English 187KB] [Sinhala 198KB]


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