Research Findings On Bui Dam Project to Be Made Public

The Ghana Dams Forum is made up of 60 members, a National Coordinating Committee and a Secretariat hosted by the International Water management Institute. A first Ghana Dams Forum, attended by over one hundred participants, was held last year, during which it was agreed that further study be conducted into issues like compensation, community involvement and research and capacity building on the development of dams in the country. On Tuesday, that is tomorrow, the 26 and the next day the 27 of February, a second forum will be held at M Plaza Hotel to make public the issue papers of the from the study. The first forum identified loopholes in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment exercise on the Bui Dam project and so advised a review that would identify potential impact indicators, which could be taken for further study. An obviously felt limitation was the lack of scientific information on the potential impact of global climate changes on the Bui dam. A study was conducted in that regard and it is expected to also feature prominently tomorrow.

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