IWMI Vacancy : Irrigation Specialist

IWMI requires a highly competent and motivated individual for the position of ‘Irrigation Specialist’ to spearhead its work on “revitalizing irrigation”, to assist in tackling the world’s food and water crises. The successful applicant will be based in Pakistan, Central Asia or Sri Lanka and will report to the Leader of our Productive Water Use theme. The performance of irrigation is stagnating and declining in a number of systems across Asia, and irrigation performance has been disappointingly low in sub-Saharan Africa. But irrigation will continue to be called on to deliver agricultural production, better livelihood support, and do so in a manner that causes less environmental degradation. And it will be called on to do so with less water, as competition from cities and the environment increases. Root causes of under performance are inappropriate policies and institutions governing irrigation and poor maintenance and operation of irrigation facilities.

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Source: http://www.iwmi.org/

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