IWMI Vacancy : Economist-Impact Assessment

We require a highly competent and motivated individual for the position of Economist-Impact Assessment. The successful candidate will be based in IWMI’s headquarters in Colombo and will report to the Leader of IWMI’s Water and Society Theme. The work of the selected individual will form a core component of IWMI’s Water and Society Theme and will have two primary objectives: 1) to assess the impact of technologies, institutions, and reforms on, among other variables, water management and poverty alleviation to inform future policy and 2) to assess the impact of IWMI’s own research projects and programs to ensure that they meet the needs of stakeholders and partners and to inform future priority setting processes. In addition to carrying out individual ex-ante and ex-post impact assessment studies, the work will also involve fostering a strong impact assessment culture throughout the Institute and establishing strategic partnerships with universities, other CGIAR centers, and the CGIAR’s Standing Panel on Impact Assessment.

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Source: http://www.iwmi.cgiar.org/

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