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Demo Day of the AgriTech4Uzbekistan Innovation Challenge

Demo Day for the AgriTech4Uzbekistan Innovation Challenge

On the live Demo Day 10 finalists will pitch their innovations to secure funding that will enable them to introduce their products to the Uzbek market.
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NEXUS Gains Policy Dialogue and Annual Pause and Reflect Workshop

Each year, the NEXUS Gains Management Team and research leaders meet to review lessons learned from the previous year and apply these reflections to refine plans for the coming year.
Kakhramon Djumaboev

In memoriam – Kakhramon Djumaboev

IWMI is deeply saddened by the passing of our esteemed colleague Kakhramon Djumaboev at the age of 45. Kakhramon was a water management researcher, based in Uzbekistan.

Assessments and benefits sharing in the context of the Water-Food-Energy-Climate NEXUS...

Shakhimardan river basin in the spotlight of the EU funded “Hydro4U (Hydropower for you)” project
Farmer working in a paddy field. Photo: Faseeh Shams / IWMI

Three months of floods, or nine months of drought

An intense monsoon season in Pakistan means the country’s food system faces the challenge of both extreme floods and extended droughts.
Men checking up an irrigation water system. Photo: Neil Palmer / IWMI

Thinking Hydrologically

Water is running out in Central Asia. New approaches to water regulation, energy production, and agricultural education are necessary to be able to feed the region.

Smart Water Magazine: Innovations and smart water technologies key to food...

Representatives from academia, government and NGOs highlighted the critical need for innovation, promotion and investment in smart water saving technologies.

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As an agronomist’s son born in the desert during the famous expansion of agricultural lands, Kakhramon’s life has always been intertwined with water.

Women in Leadership: behind the scenes

Even in countries where gender norms prevail, women have, and will continue to, forge a path to leadership. With support from organisations like the CGIAR and IWMI, we can continue to equip both men and women with the knowledge and tools to lead.

Smart Water Magazine: How tech and modern market mechanisms can solve...

Uzbekistan is an incredibly dry country, receiving an annual rainfall of just 100 to 300 mm. Nevertheless, Uzbek farmers have managed to significantly increase productivity since the early 1990s, raising the availability of diverse foods and halving the number of unnourished people in just ten years.