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The hidden crisis of disaster displacement and host community struggles in...

Two years on from the devasting floods that submerged a third of the country, killing more than 1,700 and impacting 33 million, read IWMI Pakistan's new feature on advancing anticipatory action and disaster preparedness for vulnerable communities.
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Role of nature-based solutions for improving urban water security

Mohsin Hafeez discusses the potential of nature-based solutions in dealing with climate shocks faced by vulnerable people in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Woman with her cabbage harvest.

December 2023 – February 2024 Research Journal Roundup

A selection of IWMI's recent contributions to global research.
Women agriculture workers. Photo: IWMI Pakistan

Investing in women is the key to Pakistan’s agricultural growth

Women's roles often go unrecognized, and they face numerous barriers in accessing resources, knowledge, and decision-making power.

How can anticipatory action inspire gender inclusion?

This International Women’s Day, we are looking at gender challenges and solutions for designing anticipatory action approaches in refugee and internally displaced persons hosting communities.
IWMI’s Mohsin Hafeez and Mark Smith inaugurate Pakistan Water Week alongside Iqar Khan and Claudia Ringler. IWMI / Pakistan

Pakistan Water Week 2023 addresses transformative pathways for water and food...

With water and food security becoming urgent priorities, Pakistan Water Week convened to explore opportunities for research, innovation and collective action.
An arial view photo taken during 2022 Pakistan floods / Ali Hyder Junejo

Digital inequality – A challenge to climate risk responses in Pakistan?

Displacement is a major impact of the climate crisis in Pakistan. In a flood emergency access to the ‘digital ecosystem’ provided by mobile devices can be critical for individual safety, but not everyone has equal access, explain IWMI’s Kanwal Waqar and Alan Nicol.
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Pakistan Water Week 2023 concludes with call to collaborate on shared...

Co-organized by IWMI, experts in water management, agriculturalists, government officials, and business leaders from different parts of the world discussed practical strategies to tackle water scarcity.
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Speakers highlight critical challenges confronting Pakistan

The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources in collaboration with IWMI hosted a three-day conference on ‘Transformative Pathways for Water and Food Systems’ to highlight the critical challenges confronting Pakistan.
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Pakistan’s PM launches $77.8m ‘Recharge Pakistan’ initiative at COP28 to combat...

Rachael McDonnell, IWMI's Deputy Director General - Research for Development, stressed the impact of climate change on water resources during the event to mark the announcement.