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March-April research journal roundup

Read our roundup of IWMI’s work in April and March 2024.
Construction workers build stronger riverbanks along the Nile River to protect it from erosion. Dominic Chavez/World Bank.

Greening gray infrastructure: uncovering the complexity of Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are a hot topic in environment and landscape planning networks. But are they a silver bullet for solving the climate crisis?

Building Climate Resilience through Enhanced Water Security in MENA (Al Murunah)

Increase water security through the integration of nature-based solutions for water and agricultural water management.
The Qaa Valley in Lebanon features rolling rocky hills and gabions to slow water rushing down during flash floods. Photo: Stephen Fragaszy / IWMI

Modern tools and ancient smarts

Al Murunah’s unique approach to climate adaptation and development combines nature-based solutions with agricultural water management interventions and a gender perspective.

How can anticipatory action inspire gender inclusion?

This International Women’s Day, we are looking at gender challenges and solutions for designing anticipatory action approaches in refugee and internally displaced persons hosting communities.
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Development of a composite drought indicator for operational drought monitoring in...

The composite drought indicator (CDI) supports operational drought management decision making in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

Rural women in Egypt are the driving force behind IWMI’s new...

The center will be a hub for knowledge-sharing, marketing, and community building, ultimately shaping new opportunities for the women of Izbat Al-Hamra.
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The multiple challenges from climate change, urbanization and forced displacement in...

IWMI research will support evidence-based design and the implementation of the Jordanian climate adaptation policy.
Model farmer in Uganda, Serere, 2013. Rein Skullerud / WFP

IWMI and WFP to start new partnership for food, land and...

The CGIAR FCM Innovation Accelerator will scale climate-smart, private-sector solutions.
Irbid. Andrew Adam Bradford/IWMI

Water and climate stress are threatening Jordanian refugee hosting communities. What...

IWMI is working to inform the humanitarian response to climate-based vulnerabilities in Jordan through anticipatory action.