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March-April research journal roundup

Read our roundup of IWMI’s work in April and March 2024.
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Development of a composite drought indicator for operational drought monitoring in...

The composite drought indicator (CDI) supports operational drought management decision making in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.

5th Mediterranean Water Forum

The Mediterranean Water Forum mobilizes all stakeholders in water issues in the region providing a platform for exchanging and consolidating know-how and experience. This year's theme is "Together for shared water sobriety."
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Middle East’s groundwater shortage: Will it soon run out?

IWMI plays a pivotal role in addressing groundwater management challenges across the Middle East.
Farmers walking with their sheep in the Moroccan mountains. Photo: Pierre Restoul / IWMI

How water-smart agricultural solutions can help us stall desertification and thrive...

Mitigating desertification and drought impacts, with water-smart solutions and digital innovations.

Key takeaways from IWMI’s participation at the 9th World Water Forum

Roundup blog of IWMI activities, events and sessions at the World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal
Wadi Nebhana, Tunisia. Photo: ©IRD – Christian Leduc. www.indigo.ird.fr

Tunisia joins Morocco, Lebanon, and Jordan in using state-of-the-art drought management...

With the first-ever Middle East and North Africa Climate Week just concluded, learn how improved drought preparedness is helping strengthen the region’s resilience to climate change. 
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When small is beautiful – but not spectacular

Taking stock of a widespread water intervention in Africa.
Composting in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

The power of rubbish

New Thrive blog post on turning the burden of sanitation services into a profit using business thinking.

Groundwater over-abstraction in the MENA region

Can innovative policies and regulations be used to reverse the current trend of groundwater depletion?