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Girl fetching water from a dug out, Dumnazerbu, Adamawa State, Nigeria. Joe Bala / IWMI

Migration, displacement and water-related challenges in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Findings from a survey of 400 households in 20 communities show the strain on water and other resources.

Episode 5: Nigeria’s Policy Pathways

Join us as we journey to Nigeria, to explore how policy coherence can tackle sustainable development challenges in Africa's economic giant.

Episode 1: Introducing… Policy Pathways

Researchers introduce the series and explain what a 'policy pathway' is.

New podcast explores policy coherence and system transformation in food, land...

Policy Pathways, produced by IWMI, examines policies for sustainable development and climate resilience in six countries.
A man cuts a drain to provide irrigation for his crops. Frank Rijsberman / IWMI

A water policy coherence agenda for Nigeria’s agri-food systems transformation

Policy coherence is required to bridge the gap between policy intent and implementation. 

Vulnerabilities to changes in water systems of conflict-affected communities in Adamawa...

The workshop, under the CGIAR Initiative on Fragility, Conflict and Migration, is a collaboration between IWMI and the World Food Programme.
Model farmer in Uganda, Serere, 2013. Rein Skullerud / WFP

IWMI and WFP to start new partnership for food, land and...

The CGIAR FCM Innovation Accelerator will scale climate-smart, private-sector solutions.
Photo: Usman Ghani / IWMI

Innovation and partnerships: Key ingredients in a conflict-affected world

IWMI’s collaborations in the areas of fragility, conflict and migration are aimed at making strides towards an equitable future for all.
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Stakeholders raise awareness against floods

IWMI convened experts in climate change, water resources, and disaster risk reduction to discuss flood prediction and early warning in Nigeria.
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Flooding – Stakeholders strengthen synergy

IWMI, hosting the workshop, highlighted the importance of flood forecasting and early warning systems in mitigating flood impacts, considering the growing global trend of intensified heavy rainfall events due to climate change.