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March-April research journal roundup

Read our roundup of IWMI’s work in April and March 2024.
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Development of a composite drought indicator for operational drought monitoring in...

The composite drought indicator (CDI) supports operational drought management decision making in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.
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IWMI-led MENAdrought project issues final report

The MENAdrought project is a partnership between IWMI, Nebraska Drought Mitigation Centre, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, John Hopkins University, and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, supported by USAID.
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Middle East’s groundwater shortage: Will it soon run out?

IWMI plays a pivotal role in addressing groundwater management challenges across the Middle East.
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Morocco must adapt to growing climate threat, warns finance minister

Youssef Brouziyne explained that this is the fourth dry year in a row and pointed out studies suggest more regular droughts in the country.
A drying water pond at the Azraq Basin. Photo: Seersa Abaza / IWMI

MENADrought, collaboration, and lessons learned on Jordan’s path to drought resilience

The Government of Jordan is strengthening its drought resilience with the support of the USAID-funded IWMI-led MENADrought project.
Use of solar water pumps in a farm in Haryana Country India. Photo: Prashanth Vishwanathan / IWMI

Four ways IWMI is using water to advance climate adaptation and...

During COP26 and beyond, IWMI will continue to advance a wide range of water-focused climate solutions and develop a diverse set technical, policy, and financial tools.
An onion farm destroyed by floods in Bihar India. Photo: Dakshina Murthy / IWMI

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2021

It is so important to harness the power of international cooperation to reduce risk and losses from disasters.
Photo: Pierre Restoul / IWMI

Three ways water solutions restore the planet

Many of the threats the world faces involve water, but so do the climate solutions we need to restore our planet.
Photo: Pierre Restoul / IWMI

Morocco’s decision to publish drought maps could benefit the whole MENA...

The hope is that the technology will be routinely used across MENA in drought management, helping to strengthen resilience to climate change, promote accountability and transparency, and inform scarcity management in arid watersheds.