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Cocoa Farmers in Ghana Show Strong Interest in Solar-Based Irrigation, but...

IWMI research shows that cocoa farmers in Ghana are interested in solar-powered irrigation pumps but face financial barriers. Policy changes and education are needed.
CGIAR researchers and key stakeholders of public and private sector at the Circular Bioeconomy Innovation Hub launch in Ghana. Photo: IWMI

A Circular Bioeconomy Innovation Hub takes form in Ghana

To mitigate the negative effects of urbanization on resource use and environmental pollution, 15 key actors in the waste-sanitation-agriculture interface joined efforts to set up a Circular Bioeconomy Innovation Hub in Ghana.
A woman farmer inspecting sprinkler-950. Photo: Hamish John Appleby / IWMI

Conference lays out shared vision of strategies and investments needed to...

Affordable finance, digital tools and innovation bundles are among the enablers that can help meet Africa’s irrigation potential of 60 million hectares in the next five years. 

Agri Links: Migrating from Droughts: A Pathway for Rural Community Response...

Water is scarce in most communities in the Upper West Region (UWR) of Ghana, and the scarcity is likely to persist until 2100. Smallholder farming, the main livelihood in the region, is largely rain-fed.

Graphic Online: Invest in aquatic food system research – Dr. Cofie...

The Country Representative of International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in Ghana, Dr. Olufunke Cofie, says investing in effective resilient aquatic food systems, informed by research, can help address Ghana’s nutrition needs.

Putting water at the heart of sustainable development in West Africa

According to the latest report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, West Africa could face particularly high water risk. Largely dependent on rain-fed agriculture and already vulnerable to floods and droughts, the region faces declining crop yields by as early as 2050 if the large-scale water cycle changes already observed get any worse.

How water can boost environmental health and biodiversity

As a result of IWMI’s work in the realms of e-flow monitoring and aquifer recharge, water management for rivers and aquifers has been strengthened.

Modern Ghana: Social Transformation Analyses – A missing piece in the...

Social transformation here is defined as the persistent changes that individuals, households and communities undergo in response to events.
A farmer at his paddy field in Bar Bardiya Municipality in Bardiya District, Nepal. Photo: Nabin Baral / IWMI

Water’s Fundamental Truths: Part 3 – Is water governance coming of...

Our planetary water systems involves not just tackling risks and building resilience for human societies, but also assuming greater responsibility towards the planet as a whole.

Water’s role in poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs

CGIAR’s new ambitions are defined by a set of impact areas, with water – and therefore water systems science – at the heart of each.