World Water Day 2024

World Water Day 2024


March 22, 2024    
All Day

World Water Day 2024 finds us with water security on red alert. The need for transformation in the way water is managed has never been more crucial. Water remains a finite resource, but demand continues to escalate as climate shocks and pollution result in reduced availability in an increasingly hotter world.  

This year’s theme, “Water for Peace” brings into focus the fragility and conflict that water insecurity could cause, but also the value and power of water to advance equality for men and women, reduce poverty and promote peace and security. The transformation of water security is, therefore, essential for a safe, just and sustainable future.  

 Water systems are complex. Shaped by physical, ecological, social, economic and political influences, they are closely bound to the future of food systems, the energy transition, human health and nature.  

As climate change continues to cause greater water risks, it has become clear that water security depends on both climate change mitigation and adaptation. IWMI is working with our partners in the Global South to break down the barriers caused by the lack of data and information, poor water governance, social exclusion and lack of knowledge and skills to deliver scalable and sustainable solutions for water. 

 It is only through cooperation for peace and security that we will be able to achieve this. 

 Follow us here and on our social media in the week running up to World Water Day to see how IWMI will be supporting water security up to 2030. 

World Water Day

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