Webinar: Water Tenure Monday – Barbara Schreiner, Hans C. Komakech: “Hybrid water law”


July 12, 2021    
1:00 pm

The Water Tenure Mondays webinar series creates a forum for building a stronger water tenure concept and pursue FAO’s efforts in broadening the knowledge base of its application to achieve a more equitable and secure access to water, even in conditions of scarcity.

Monday, 12 July, Barbara Schreiner, Executive Director of the Water Integrity Network, Berlin, and Advisor to the Minister of Water and Sanitation of South Africa, and Dr Hans C. Komakech, Centre Director of WISE – Futures/Senior Lecturer at the Nelson Mandela African Institution for Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania, will present “Hybrid Water Law”.

Find out more at https://fao.zoom.us