IWMI MENA Webinar 2: ESG Integration in SMEs towards Sustainability and Resilience in the MENA Region

IWMI MENA Webinar 2: ESG Integration in SMEs towards Sustainability and Resilience in the MENA Region


October 5, 2023    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


This informative webinar aims to properly define ESG concepts, metrics, and field the challenges and opportunities present in the MENA SME ecosystem. It also aims to unlock the potential of ESG incorporation within SMEs in the MENA region to contribute to resilience of fragile communities and natural systems as well as to foster green growth of the private sector. Moreover, the webinar will showcase success stories as well as shed light on programs that offer support and solutions for companies that seek technical assistance and investment readiness support.

During the interactive session, we will answer crucial questions such as: How can ESG integration promote sustainability and resilience within SME operations? What are the challenges facing SMEs in the MENA region when it comes to integrating ESG in their business models and obtaining green funding? What are investors looking for in SMEs and how can they fulfill those requirements? What type of non-monetary support and technical assistance is needed to enhance ESG strategies and investment readiness of SMEs in the MENA region?

By understanding the impact of integrating ESG into your business model, you’ll gain valuable insights and motivation to implement these strategies. Real-world examples will be shared to illustrate the positive effects on businesses.

Don’t miss out on this informative webinar where we will delve into the power of ESG in driving our business-critical decisions. Be part of this transformative movement and unlock the potential of ESG integration in your business model.


  1. Understanding ESG integration in MENA SMEs: challenges and status.
  2. Analyzing ESG integration potential in MENA SMEs amidst socioeconomic changes.
  3. Exploring ESG opportunities to unlock sustainability and resilience in MENA.


  1. Properly define where ESG integration stands in the MENA region.
  2. Identifying the main challenges that SME’s face, and learning from previous successful case studies
  3. Identifying the main Enabling Environment elements: including key technical advisors, regulatory considerations, and funding schemes in the MENA region.
  4. Showcase success stories and programs that offer technical assistance, sustainable-business-acceleration support, and investment readiness.


Murat Sarioglu
Regional Director Water – Middle East / Regional Managing Director – Turkey

Kareem Hassan
Executive Director
United Nations ESCWA Technology Centre

Roula Khoury
Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Robinson Agri
Quinta Group

For The Concept Note and agenda:
IWMI MENA Webinar 2- ESG -Concept Note & Agenda V5_Sep23.docx (sharepoint.com)
The link to the online platform will be provided after registration. The webinar will be in English and is free and open to everyone.