October 31, 2021 - November 13, 2021    
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Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow
Scottish Event Campus, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, G3 8YW, Scotland

IWMI’s presence and participation at COP26 seek to communicate an urgent and clear message to climate negotiators: Transforming water systems to strengthen water security is central to climate action and must serve as the foundation for a climate-resilient future. As a global leader in identifying, refining, and implementing innovative water-based climate solutions, IWMI will use COP26 as a platform to engage with not only negotiators and policymakers, but also current and prospective partners, media outlets, donors, and other key stakeholders in the water and climate arenas.

Ahead of COP26 we asked our experts about the link between water and the climate crisis. Here is what they said…

IWMI sessions at COP26

Download the program of IWMI sessions at COP26 (PDF).

Due to continuing pandemic-related restrictions, COP26 will be a hybrid conference, with roughly 80% of events taking place virtually and 20% taking place in-person. IWMI staff will lead, co-lead, or otherwise participate in more than 20 events throughout COP26, with our participation anchored by daily programming at the first-ever Water and Climate Pavilion, of which IWMI is a core partner. Located within the COP26 Blue Zone, the Pavilion will host in-person events and livestream virtual events throughout the conference, with each day of programming emphasizing a particular theme, including Adaptation and Resilience (Monday November 8), Food and Agriculture (Tuesday November 9), and Disaster Risk Reduction (Wednesday November 10). To facilitate audience accessibility for these events, all Water and Climate Pavilion will be broadcast live via a YouTube feed accessible through the Water and Climate Pavilion homepage.

Creating climate-resilient water-secure solutions

IWMI Water Issue Brief #18:
Transformation of water systems for climate change adaptation and resilience.

Mapping to Mitigate

In the most arid region of the world, maps offer new methods to combat and adapt to increasingly intense droughts.