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International Day for Disaster Reduction 2017

With index-based flood insurance the payout should be not only transparent but also much faster.

Maps that matter when flooding strikes

Vital support for the emergency disaster response in Northeast India and Nepal.

Taking the measure of Ghana’s watersheds

A critical requirement for agricultural intensification.

Impartial perspectives on a contested resource

A timely new book on southern Africa’s Zambezi River Basin

South Asia’s climate hazard hotspots

Mapping risks and estimating impacts on people and agriculture

World Environment Day 2017

Striking a balance between nature and development.

Zooming in on irrigation

Local mapping of irrigated areas in South Africa’s garden province.

A milestone on the road to greener economies

New plant to deliver a safe nutrient-rich fertilizer made from recycled waste

Grow with the flow

How to know if there is enough water for the Sustainable Development Goals

World Water Day 2017: A focus on wastewater

Celebrating World Water Day with a blog post from our DG, a PLoS ONE journal submission, contributions to the World Water Development Report and a new video.

Banking on wastewater

IWMI enables societies to address challenges posed by wastewater by generating new knowledge on wastewater management, writes Jeremy Bird.

The “biography” of a bold idea

Agricultural water productivity for sustainable development

International Women’s Day 2017

Revealing hidden truths about women, water and agriculture

Good, better, best – Never let it rest

Success factors of watershed management in Ethiopia

Cities and towns in deep doo-doo

Scaling up sustainable and profitable re-use of fecal sludge to sort out the mess

Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

Not a panacea but a big piece of the puzzle.

Grafting glaciers and building ice stupas

Building ice stupas is helping farming communities of Ladakh in the far north of India to grow more crops and increase their resilience to climate change.

New insights into the Ganges River Basin

New book presents an overview of the challenges facing the critically important Ganges river as a water resource for 500 million people.

Turning a river into a machine

The Ganges can be an engine for sustainable development.

The Global Crisis of Abstraction

Building partnerships to sustain groundwater-based economies

Silent springs

Saving the vanishing Himalayan spring waters.

Better water, better jobs

What is the link between jobs and water?

Migration, water and the trajectory of rural change in South Asia

In large parts of South Asia, a majority of families pursue a dual livelihood strategy, depending on both farming and migrant wage work.

Fraser Sugden

Women, empowerment and the SDG targets

Gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment has featured prominently in development discourse for the last two decades and today comprises one of the sustainable development goals.

Floriane Clement

Empowering Women for 50-50

International Women’s Day 2016 “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it up for Gender Equality”

Stephanie Leder

Tenant collectives in North Bihar

A new model for bottom up irrigation and land management for marginal women farmers.

Dr Fraser Sugden, IWMI Nepal

Ganges women to bear the brunt of climate change

Poor women and vulnerable groups will “bear the brunt” of climate change in parts of Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Building on three decades of research

IWMI’s Director General Jeremy Bird looks forward to 2015.

2014: Putting water on the global agenda

Jeremy Bird, Direct General of IWMI, talks about putting water on the global agenda.

Feeding everyone: A case for water governance reform

Water scarcity can be combated, but it needs politicians and policy makers to develop some enthusiasm for reforming the water sector.

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