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CPWF International Forum on Water and Food (Vientiane, Lao PDR) 12-17 November 'River basin development: A few lessons to be learned from history' by François Molle (PDF 63KB)

RGS-IBG Annual International Conference - (London) 30 August - 1 September 'River basin development and management: Scales, power, discourses' by François Molle (PDF 315KB)

World Water Week, SIWI (Stockholm) 20-26 August 'Why enough is never enough: The societal determinants of river basin ‘overbuilding'' by François Molle (PDF 65KB)

'Dealing with Closed Basins: The Case of the Lower Jordan River Basin' by Venot, Jean-Philippe, François Molle, and Rémy Courcier (PDF 517KB)

4th World Water Forum (Mexico) 16-22 March - 'Beyond more Crop per Drop', A document and web site produced for the 4th World Water Forum (WWF4) in March 2006 in Mexico. This is a joint report of the CA, IWMI, SIWI, SEI, Ramsar, PWEE, INWEPF, ICID, CPWF, IUCN.  Visit the site & download the brochure [PDF1.86MB]  


4th Conference of the International Water History Association (Paris, France) 1-4 December 'Elements for a political ecology of river basins development: The case of the Chao Phraya river basin, Thailand' by François Molle (PDF 329KB)

Gender and Collective Action (Chiang Mai, Thailand) 17-21 October - 'Water, women and local social organization in the Western Kenya Highlands' by Elizabeth Were, Brent Swallow, and Jessica Roy (PDF 148KB)

6th Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Research Community (Bonn, Germany) 9-13 October - 'Limited access to water for smaller farmers in the water market in Chile. The Limarí Basin, a case study' by Fuster, Rodrigo, A. León and R. Garay-Flühmann

Policy effectiveness to foster adaptation to drier conditions in semi arid Chile' by León, A, R Fuster and R Garay-Flühmann

International Conference on Management of Paddy and Water Environment for Sustainable Rice Production (PAWEES) (Kyoto, Japan) 7-8 September - 'Multifunctionality and Non-trade Concerns: Implications for Future Agricultural Policy in Asia' by Boisver, Richard N, and David Blandford, p.46-51.

'Protocols for Estimating Magnitudes and Values of Paddy Rice Multiple Functions' by Levine, G, Chih-Hung Tan, Y Matsuno, C C Huang and R Barker,  p.33-38

'Rice and Water – the Livelihood of Asia' Keynote speech by B A M Bouman.

International Workshop on Human Security and Climate Change (Oslo, Noruega) 21-23 June - 'Public Policy as a Means to Increase Human Security in Agriculture in a Drought-Prone Area' by León, A and R Garay-Flühmann (PDF 105KB)

Workshop on Rice, Water and Livelihoods (Los Banos, Philippines) 6-10 June - 'Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture' and 'Rice, Water and Livelihoods', by B A M Bouman

First Asia-Europe Workshop on Sustainable Resource Management and Policy Options for Rice Ecosystems (SUMAPOL) (Zhejiang, P.R. China) 11-14 May - 'Management strategies for saving water and increase its productivity in lowland rice-based ecosystems' by Lampayan, R M, B A M Bouman. On CDROM, Altera, Wageningen, Netherlands.

East African River Basin Conference, (Morogoro, Tanzania) 7-9 March - 'Disparity of attitudes and practices on a concept of productivity of water in agriculture in the Great Ruaha River Sub-basin' by Mkoga, Zakaria J, Bruce Lankford, Nuhu Hatibu, Henry F Mahoo, S S Kasele (PDF 184KB)

'Knowledge Sharing and Communication Tools for Dialogue Issues on Productivity of Water in Agriculture: A Case Study of Mkoji Sub Catchment in Usangu Plains, Tanzania' by Kasele, S S , M R S Mlozi, N Hatibu, H Mahoo (PDF 350KB)

'Trends of Productivity of Water in Rainfed Agriculture: Historical Perspective' by Igbadun, Henry E, Henry F Mahoo, K P R Andrew Tarimo, Baanda A Salim (PDF 150KB)

'Productivity of Water and Economic Benefits Associated with Deficit Irrigation Scheduling in Maize' by Igbadun, Henry E, Henry F Mahoo, K P R Andrew Tarimo and Baanda A Salim (PDF 234KB)

International Conference on Environment and Livelihoods in Coastal Zones: Managing Agriculture-Fishery-Aquaculture Conflists (Bac Lieu, Vietnam)  1-3 March - 'Land and Water Management in Coastal Zones: Dealing with Agriculture-Aquaculture-Fishery Conflicts' by J.W. Gowing, T P Tuong, and C T Hoanh

'Social and Environmental Impact of Rapid Change in the Coastal Zone of Vietnam: an Assessment of Sustainability Issues' by J W Gowing, T P Tuong, C T Hoanh and N T Khiem

'Applying the Resource Management Domain (RMD) Concept to Land and Water Use and Management in the Coastal Zone: Case Study of Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam' by S P Kam, N V Nhan, T P Tuong, C T Hoanh, V T Be Nam and A Maunahan

'Hydraulic and water quality modeling: a tool for managing land-use conflicts in         inland coastal zones' by C.T. Hoanh, N.D. Phong, J.W. Growing, T.P. Tuong, and N.V. Ngoc

'Managing land and water resources for the production of agriculture-aquaculture in coastal zones of the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam' by N.T. Khiem, N. V. Nhan, T.P. Tuong, and C.T. Hoanh

'Achieving Food and Environmental Security: Better River Basin Management for Healthy Coastal Zones' by S Atapattu and D Molden

'Coastal Water Resource Use for Higher Productivity: Participatory Research for Increasing Cropping Intensity in Bangladesh' by M K Mondal, T P Tuong, S P Ritu, M H K Choudhury, A M Chasi, P K Majumder, M M Islam and S K Adhikary

International Workshop on African Water Laws: Plural Legislative Frameworks for Rural Water Management in Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa) 26-28 January - 'Dynamics of poverty, livelihoods and property rights in the Lower Nyando Basin of Kenya' by Brent Swallow, Leah Onyango, Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Nienke Holl (PDF 255KB)

'Hydronomics and terranomics in the Nyando basin in Western Kenya' by Leah Onyango, Brent Swallow, and Ruth Meinzen-Dick (PDF 781KB)

'Getting access to adequate water: community organizing, women and social change in Western Kenya' by Jessica L. Roy with Ben Crow and Brent Swallow (PDF 192KB)


Symposium on Unsaturated Zone Modelling: Progress, Challenges and Applications (Wageningen, The Netherlands) 3-5 October - 'Role of unsaturated zone modelling for water balance and water productivity analysis: Examples from Rechna Doab, Pakistan' by Ahmad, M D, I Masih, H Turral

Water Professionals’ day (Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka) 1 October - 'Growing pressure over land and water resources: Transformations in the Belihuloya catchment' by Jayakody, P; Molle, F; C Gamage, Edited by Ranjith Premalal De Silva

World Water Week, SIWI (Stockholm) 16-21 August 'Water reuse and third-party-impact in a closing basin: the case of the Zayandeh Rud, Iran' by F Molle

International Conference and Exhibition on Groundwater in Ethiopia: Providing Water for Millions (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) 25-27 May - 'Agricultural Groundwater Use in Sub-Saharan Africa: Analysis and considerations for Ethiopia' by Giordano, Mark and Seleshi Bekele

International Water Demand Management Conference (Dead Sea, Jordan)
30 May - 3 June - 'Demand management in a basin perspective: is the potential for water saving overestimated?' by Molle, François and Hugh Turral (PDF 70.6KB)

'June Bilan des Ressources en Eau au sein du Bassin Versant du Jourdain en Jordanie Evolution et Prospectives sur la période 1950- 2025' by Courcier, R and  J P Venot (PDF 1.85MB)

WADEMED Seminar Rabat "La modernisation de l'agriculture irriguée dans les pays du Maghreb" 19-21 April. 'Evolution de la ressource en eau dans la vallée du Merguellil (Tunisie centrale)' by Leduc C Calvez, R, Beji R, Nazoumou Y, Lacombe G Aouadi, C (PDF 1.96MB)

'Méthodologie de diagnostic des données de pompages: application aux forages de petits périmètres irrigués de la plaine de Kairouan (Tunisie)' by Luc J.P., Tarhouni J, Calvez R

IWMI-Tata Partners' Workshop: Critical Issues in India's Water Future (Anand, India) 17-19 February - 'Drivers of Micro-Irrigation Adoption: Empirical results from selected villages of Gujarat and Maharashtra' by Regassa Namara, R.K. Nagar and Bhawana Upadhyay

'Water Institutions in a Dynamic Economy: What is China doing Different from India?' by Shah, T., M. Giordano and J. Wang


3rd Conference of the International Water History Association (Alexandria, Egypt) 11-14 December - 'The ‘Closure’ of River Basins: Trajectories and Societal Responses' by Molle, François (PDF 134KB)

'Historical Outline of Water Resources Development in the Lower Jordan River Basin' by R Suleiman (PDF 224KB)

PCSI Seminar "Gestion intégrée de l'eau au sein d'un bassin versant" (Montpellier, France) 2 December - 'Pour une meilleure valorisation globale de l’eau d’irrigation  Une alternative de réallocation de la ressource sur des bases économiques' by Albouchi L, Bachta M S, Le Grusse P (PDF 406KB)

'Analyse des interactions entre ressources en eau et usages agricoles dans le bassin versant de l’oued Merguellil, Tunisie Centrale' by Cudennec C, Beji R, Le Goulven P., Bachta M S (PDF 226KB)

'Constitution et structuration territoriales des ressources, des impacts et des risques hydrologiques au sein du bassin du Merguellil  Perspectives de modélisation hydrologique pour la transposition d’approches de gestion' by Cudennec C, Calvez R, Pouget J C, Kingumbi A, Le Goulven P

'Les ressources en eau du barrage d’El Haouareb et des nappes adjacentes (vallée du Merguellil, Tunisie centrale)' by Leduc C, Beji R, Calvez R

'Analyse et représentation de relations “ressources-usages” de l’eau au niveau des parcelles et des exploitations agricoles de la plaine de Kairouan' by Luc J.P., Abid Karray J., Bourguignon P., Champion J., Koukou Tchamba A., Ben Hamouda N

'Co-construction d’un outil de gestion intégrée sur le bassin du Merguellil (Tunisie)  Articulation et cohérence de modèles' by Pouget J C, Cudennec C, Leduc C, Le Goulven P, Le Grusse P, Poussin J C

'Modèles d’exploration des dynamiques entre ressources et usages de l’eau pour une gestion intégrée des nappes souterraines  Application à la nappe de Kairouan en Tunisie' by Kadi A, Feuillette S, Le Goulven P, Le Grusse P (PDF 275KB)

'Comportement des irrigants face à des changements d’accès à l’eau dans les périmètres irrigués de la plaine de Kairouan' by Kefi M., Faysse N., Le Goulven P, Bachta M S (PDF 280KB)

30th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (Honolulu, Hawai) 10-14 November - ' Fusion Technique to Extract Detail Information from Moderate Resolution Data for Global Scale Image Map Production' by Canisius, Francis XJ, Hugh Turral (PDF 123KB)

ICID Asian Regional Workshop (Taipei, Taiwan) 10-12 November - 'Who Benefits from Irrigation Development in India? Implications of Irrigation Multipliers for Cost Recovery and Irrigation Financing' by Bhattarai, Madhusudan, Randolph Barker and A Narayanamoorthy (PDF 832KB)

'Refining the Positive and Negative Externalities of Taiwanese Paddy Rice Production' by Boisvert, R, H Chang, R Barker, G Levine, Y Matsuno and D Molden (PDF 1,121KB)

'The Groundswell of Pumps: Multilevel Impacts of a Silent Revolution' by Molle, François, T. Shah and R. Barker, (PDF 231.57KB)

'Resolving water use conflicts through stakeholder participation: Issues and examples from the Steelpoort basin in South Africa' by Lévite H, Faysse N and Ardorino F (PDF 123KB)

The 24th Asian Conference of Remote Sensing and 2003 International Symposium on Remote Sensing (Korea) 3-7 November 2003 - 'A Numerical Experiment in Assimilating Agricultural Practices in a Mixed Pixel Environment using Genetic Algorithms' by Honda, Kyoshi, Amor VM Ines (PDF 116KB)

'Time Series Analysis of Spot Vegetation Instrument Data for Identifying Agricultural Pattern of Irrigated and Non-irrigated Rice Cultivation in Suphanburi Province, Thailand' by Kamthonkiar, Daroonwan, Kiyoshi Honda, Hugh Turral, Nitin K Tripathi, Vilas Wuwongse (PDF 124KB)

International Symposium on Transitions in Agriculture for Enhancing Water Productivity (Tamil Nadu, India) 23-25 September - All papers available in Symposium proceedings.

'Aerobic rice in the tropics and its impact on water productivity' by Castañeda, A R , B A M Bouman, S Peng and R M Visperas

'Effect of establishment techniques on crop-water relationship in rice and yield of wheat' by Choudhury, B U, Anil Kumar Singh and B A M Bouman

'Transfer of Water Saving Technologies in Rice Production in the Philippines' by Lampayan, R M, B A M Bouman, J L de Dios, A T Lactaoen, A .J Espiritu,  T M Norte, E J P Quilang, D F Tabbal, L P Llorca, J B Soriano, A A Corpuz, R B Malasa and V R Vicmudo, pp. 111-132.

'Water use efficiency of aerobic rice in North China' by Yang Xiaoguang, B A M Bouman, Wang Huaqi, Wang Zhimin, Zhao Junfang, and Chen Bin, pp.89-96.

Workshop on Comprehensive Options Assessment for Dams (Geneva, Switzerland) 22-24 September - 'Comprehensive Options Assessment: The Pongolo Case Study' by McCartney, Matthew, Joan Janganyi and Sizwe Mkhize (PDF 45.49KB)

RGS-IBG Annual Conference (Royal Geographical Society, London) 3-5 September - 'Changing Water Governance in the Context of Intersectoral Water Transfer Process: A Case of Melamchi Interbasin Water Transfer Project in Nepal' by Pant, Dhruba, Madhusudan Bhattarai and David Molden

11th SA National Hydrology Symposium (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) 3-5 September 'An assessment of tradeoffs between water productivity and equity' by Krishna C. Prasad and M Watson

1st International Yellow River Forum on River Basin Management (Zhengzhou, China) 12-15 May - 'Rice Impact in Henan Irrigation Districts along the Lower Yellow River Reaches' by Bin, Dong, Liang Zhichen, Ronald Loeve, David Molden and Yang Baozhong (PDF 70KB)

'Irrigation Management Effects on Yield and Water Productivity of Inbred and Aerobic Rice Varieties in Kaifeng' by Cabangon, R, G Lu, TP Tuong, BAM Bouman, Y Feng and Zhang Zhichuan (PDF 106KB)

'Optional Water Development Strategies for the Yellow River Basin: Balancing Agricultural and Ecological Water Demands' by Cai, Ximing and Mark W Rosegrant (PDF 180KB)

'Evapotranspiration of Crops by Remote Sensing Using the Energy Balance Based Algorithms' by Yann Chemin (PDF 207KB)

'Combining Urban and Rural Water Use for a Sustainable North China Plain' by Kendy, Eloise, Tammo S Steenhuis and David Molden (PDF 121KB)

'Growing More Rice with Less Water: An Overview of Research in Liuyuankou Irrigation System, Henan Province, China' by Loeve, Ronald, Randy Barker, David Dawe, Hong Lin and Dong Bin (PDF 110KB)

'Improving Irrigation Water Use Efficiency, Productivity and Equity: Simulation Experiments in the Downstream Yellow River Basin' by Nicolas Roost (PDF 102KB)

'Identifying Water Saving Opportunities: Examples from Three Irrigation Districts in China’s Yellow River and Yangtze Basins' by Roost, Nicolas, David Molden, Zhongping Zhu and Ronald Loeve (PDF 84KB)

'Institutional Reform and Impacts: The Case Study in the Yellow River Basin' by Wang, Jinxia, Zhigang Xu, Jiun Huang and Scott Rozelle (PDF 186KB)

'Yellow River Basin Water Accounting' by Zhu Zhongping, Mark Giordano, Ximing Cai and David Molden (PDF 207KB)

3rd World Water Forum (WWF3) (Kyoto, Japan) 19-20 March - 'Water Productivity in Agriculture: Measuring the Positive and Negative Externalities of Paddy Rice Production' by Boisvert, R, H Chang, R Barker, G Levine, Y Matsuno and D Molden, (PDF 1,104KB)

'Integrated Management of Water, Forest and Land Resources in Nepal: Opportunities for Improved Livelihood' by Pant, Dhruba, Sabita Thapa, Ashok Singh and Madhusudhan Bhattarai (PDF 1.04MB)

Water, Ecosystems and Fisheries Review Workshop, organised by the World Fish Center, Phnom Penh, 15-17 February 2003 - Review of River Fisheries Valuation in West and Central Africa by Arthur Neiland and Christophe Béné (PDF 341KB)

Large Rivers Symposium (LARS2) (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) 11-14 February 2003 -  'Assessment and Management of Irrigation Impacts on Tropical Inland Fisheries: A Case Study from Sri Lanka' by Nguyen Khoa, Sophie, Laurence Smith, Kai Lorenzen, Caroline Garaway, LR Perera, Shyamalie de Silva, MMC Kumara, Upali S Amarasinghe, MG Kularatne and HMS Chandana Bandara (PDF (PDF 273KB)

'Impacts of Irrigation Development on Capture Fisheries in the Rice-based Farming Systems of Southern Laos' by Nguyen Khoa, Sophie, Kai Lorenzen, Caroline Garaway, Bounthanom Chamsingh (PDF 52KB)

IWMI-Tata Workshop (Anand, Gujarat) - 27-29 January - 'Impact of Irrigation  on Agricultural Growth and Poverty Alleviation: Macro Level Analyses in India' by Bhattarai, Madhusudan and A Narayanamoorthy (PDF 52KB)

'Irrigation and other Factors Contribution to the Agricultural Growth and Development in India: A Cross-State Panel Data Analysis for 1970 to 94' by Bhattarai, Madhusudan and A Narayanamoorthy (PDF 84KB)


3rd WARSFA-Waternet Symposium (Arusha, Tanzania) 30-31 October - 'Water for Food, Livelihoods and Nature: Simulations for Policy Dialogue in South Africa' by Kamara, A and H Sally (PDF 139KB)

'Water demand management scenarios in a water-stressed basin in South Africa' by Lévite H, Sally H, J Cour (PDF 152KB)

Water Dome (Johannesburg, South Africa) - 28 August - 3 September - 'Over Tapping the World’s Water: A Model Based Pilot Analysis of Environmental Water Scarcity' by Smakhtin, Vladimir, Rebecca Tharme, WRI, IUCN and Kassel University, Poster presentation

SIWI Seminar (Stockholm) 11-17 August 2002 - 'Balancing Ecological and Human Livelihood Security in a Catchment: A Hydronomic Zones Approach' by DJ Molden

18 th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage (Montreal, Canada) - 21-28 July - ‘Addressing the Unanswered Questions in Global Water Policy: A Methodology Framework’ by De Fraiture, Charlotte, Ximing Cai, Mark Rosegrant, David Molden and Upali Amarasinghe, Irrigation and Drainage 52: 21-30, 2003 (PDF 106KB)

'Agricultural Water Use and Improving Rural Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current Status, Future Directions, and the Role of the International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage' (IPTRID) by Merrey, Doug, De Lange, F Gichuki, Barbara van Koppen, A Inonencio, A Kamara, Crosby H Levite and H Sally

Second World Congress of Environmental Economics (California, USA) 23-28 June - 'Governance, Economic Policy and the Environment Kuznets Curve for Natural Tropical Forest' by Bhattarai Madhusudan and Michael Hammig (PDF 95KB)

9th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe) 17-21 June - Redressing Racial Inequalities through Water Law in South Africa: Interaction and Contest among Legal Frameworks by Van Koppen, Barbara, Nitish Jha and Douglas J. Merrey

International Conference on Irrigation Water Policies: Micro and Macro Considerations (Agadir, Morocco) 15-17 June -  'Whether Irrigation has started to become a Nuisance Commodity: Relationaship betwen Irrigation and Income Growth using Cross-Country Analysis' by Madhusudan Bhattarai, (PDF 57KB)

'Why is the Irrigation Water Demand Curve Inelastic at Low Price Ranges?' by De Fraiture, C, C Perry

'The Intricacies of Water Pricing in the Red River Delta, Vietnam' by Fontenelle, John-Philippe and François Molle (PDF 148KB)

'To price or not to price? Thailand and the stigma of ‘free water’' by Molle, François (PDF  115KB)

'Irrigation Water Pricing in Iran' by Chris Perry

'Water Prices, Environment and Food Security' by Rosegrant, MW and X Cai

WISA Workshop at the World Summit for Sustainable Development (Durban, South Africa) - 20 May - 'Innovative Approaches to Agricultural Water Use for Improving Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa' by Inocencio, A, Doug Merrey and Hilmy Sally

Asian Irrigation in Transition – Responding to the Challenges Ahead (Bangkok, Thailand) 22-23 April - 'Perspectives on Asian Irrigation' by Barker, Randolph and François Molle (PDF 498KB)

'The Closure of the Chao Phraya River Basin in Thailand: Its Causes, Consequences and Policy Implications' by François Molle (PDF 295KB)

Conference on Legal Pluralism (Chiang Mai, Thailand) 7-10 April - 'Redressing Racial Inequalities through Water Law in South Africa: Interaction and Contest among Legal Frameworks' by Van Koppen, Barbara, Nitish Jha and Douglas J. Merrey (PDF 200KB)

8th Thai Studies International Conference (Nakhon Phanom, Thailand) 9-12 January - 'Balance and imbalances in village economy: a three village study in the Chao Phraya Delta' by Molle, François; Thippawal Srijantr and Lionel Latham (PDF 370KB) (revised version)

Sustaining Food Security and Managing Natural Resources in Southeast Asia, Challenges for the 21st Century (Chiang Mai, Thailand) 8-11 January - 'Implications of Land and Water Degradation for Food Security, with particular reference to Asia and Africa' by Penning de Vries, Frits and David Molden (PDF 979KB)


WARFSA-WaterNet Symposium (Town, South Africa) 30-31 October - Catchment Management Agencies for Poverty Eradication in South Africa by Schreiner, Barbara and Barbara van Koppen, Lewis et al (eds), proceedings WARFSA-WaterNet Symposium, October 2001, Kluwer Publishers. (PDF 131KB)

30th Anniversary of the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Taiwan - 'Accounting for Non Agricultural Impacts of Irrigation and Drainage System' by Yutaka Matsuno