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CA – Research Projects

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The Comprehensive Assessment on Water Management in Agriculture has supported several gap-filling research projects contributing to the main themes of the Assessment and involving numerous participants.   Fore more details on the projects click on the project title link.

Regional Distribution

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Project Themes

Potential from Rainfed Systems

Water Scarcity and Food Security in Tropical Rainfed Water Scarcity Systems: A Multi-Level Assessment of Existing Conditions, Response Options and Future Potentials 

Assessment of Water Harvesting and Supplemental Irrigation Potential in Arid and Semi-arid Areas of West Asia and North Africa

Irrigation Impacts

Mapping Irrigated Areas

Impacts of Irrigation in Sri Lanka and Taiwan

Evolution of Irrigation in Asia

Effects of Irrigation Systems on Wetland Ecosystem in Developing Countries

Irrigation Impact Study in India

Community-Based Irrigation Management in Ethiopia: Strategies to Enhance Human Health, Livestock and Crop Production, and Natural Resource Management 

Assessing the Impacts of Zero-Tillage and other Resource-Conserving Technologies (RCTs) on Farmer Livelihoods in the Irrigated Plains of South Asia

Irrigation Impacts on Fisheries: Laos and Sri Lanka Case Studies 


Governing Ground Water Comparative Analysis of National Institutions and Policies in Asia and Africa

Water Productivity in Agriculture

Water Productivity Book (CABI) 

Productivity of Water in Agriculture and Interacting Systems: Approaches and Options for Eastern Africa

The Prospects and Impacts of System of Rice Intensification Adoption in Sri Lanka  

Potentials of Water-saving Technologies in Rice Production 

Water Conservation and Water Productivity Improvement in the Syrdarya and Amu-Darya Basins

Water Management for Fishery and Aquatic Systems

Increasing Water Productivity by Managing Land-Water Interface: Effective Water Control for Solving Conflicts among Agriculture-Fisheries-Aquaculture in Coastal Zones 

Improving Water Management for Tropical River Fisheries: An Assessment of Resource Value, Water Requirements, and Decision Making Tools

The Future of Fishing in the Okavango River: Factoring Inland Fisheries into River Basin Planning 

River Basin Development and Management

River Basin Comparative Studies Across 9 Basins:Yellow River/China, Chao Phraya/Thailand, Walawe/Sri Lanka, Zayandeh Rud/Iran, Jordan Rift Valley/Jordan, Merguellil/Tunisia, Volta/Burkina Faso & Ghana, Olifant/South Africa, Lerma Chapala/Mexico 

Basin Synthesis Study of the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico, for the Comparative Study on River Basin Development and Management 

River Basin Negotiations from a Local Perspective

Water Resources, Livelihood Security and Stakeholder Initiatives in a River Basin Context 

Low Quality Water

The Extent of Wastewater Irrigation in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Pakistan 

Harnessing Salty Water to Enhance Sustainable Livelihoods of the Rural Poor in Four Countries in West Asia and North Africa: Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Tunisia

Urban Wastewater: Livelihoods, Health and Environmental Impacts in India

30-City Survey on Sanitation Health and Wastewater Agriculture

Water Policy and Institutions

Institutional Innovations for Poverty Eradication: The South African Water Law, and Catchment Management Agencies

Investment in Agricultural Water Management in Sub-Saharan Africa: Diagnosis of Trends and Opportunities 

Global Water Policy: Addressing the Unanswered Questions - A joint IWMI/IFPRI Model

Water Pricing Book

China’s Reform of Water Prices for Irrigation: Effectiveness and Impact

Land and Water Degradation

Sustainable Wetlands Management for Food and Environmental Security in Africa 

Impact of Land and Water Degradation on Food and Environmental Security: Reversing the Trends

Reversing Degradation of Land and Water Resources that Reduce Smallholder's Food Security and Quality of Livelihoods

Achieving a Balance between Agricultural Development and Conservation of Wetland Ecosystems: A Case Study of the Pongolo River Floodplain, South Africa

Water Management for Agriculture and Environment - A Case of People and Park in East Rapti River Basin

Impact of Land Use on River Basin Water Balance: A Case Study of the Modder River Basin, South Africa

Ecosystems and Environment

Environmental Water Requirements at the Global Scale: Developing a "Rule Of Thumb" Assessment Method

Nepal - Opportunity for Integrated Natural Resource Management: Integration of Management of Water, Forest, and Land Resources

IUCN/IWMI/RAMSAR/WRI Resources and Wetland E-atlas (Project); e-atlas website


An Assessment of the Adoption Dynamics, Impacts and Poverty Outreach of Selected Microirrigation Technologies 

A Comparative Study of Modern Irrigation Water Systems and Rural Poverty in the Limari Basin, Chile and the Tunuyan Basin, Argentina: Institutional and Socio-Economic Aspects

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Managing the Water Resources of East and South Africa for Poverty Reduction and Poverty Enhancement