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Briefs & Discussion Papers

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Policy & issue Briefs

Key findings of CA research and synthesis are presented in the IWMI policy brief series, and the CA Water for Food, Water for Life brief series.

CA water for Food, Water for Life Briefs

The "Water for Food, Water for Life" briefs form a new CA publication series. Each brief aims to clarify current debates around water management in agriculture in a descriptive way. They are based on the latest findings of the Assessment, and scientific knowledge. They are targeted at both experts and non-experts.

  • CA in Brief: Influencing What Happens Next, 07/06. (PDF 2.2 MB)
  • Issue Brief 1"Reaping what we sow: Acting now to reduce the negative environmental consequences of agriculture", 07/06.  (PDF 3.5 MB)
  • Issue Brief 2 "A little water can go a long way: Reducing rural poverty through better management of rainwater", 08/ 06. (PDF 3.7 MB)
  • Issue Brief 3 "Making a difference in water management: A minimum agenda on gender mainstreaming for researchers, practitioners and gender experts", 08/06. (PDF 3.6 MB)
  • Issue Brief 4 "Opening up options in closing river basins", 09/06. (PDF 454 KB)
  • Issue Brief 5 "Rice cultivation in the 21st century: How to feed more people, reduce poverty, and protect ecosystem services", 20/11. (PDF 567 KB)
  • Issue Brief 6 "Investing in irrigation: Why, how, and how much?", 20/11. (PDF 632 KB)
  • Issue Brief 7 "Reforming reform: Effective approaches to improving policies and institutions", 20/11. (PDF 583 KB)
  • Issue Brief 8 " Integrating livestock and water management to maximize benefits", 01/03 (PDF 824)
  • Issue Brief 9 "Sustaining inland fisheries: Synergies and tradeoffs with water for agriculture", 07/07. (PDF 680 KB)
  • Issue Brief 10 "Managing water by managing land: Why addressing land degradation is necessary to improve water productivity and rural livelihoods" , 07/07. (PDF 657 KB)
  • Issue Brief 11 "Health Risks and Opportunities in Agricultural Water Planning and Management", 07/07. (PDF 660 KB)
  • Issue Brief 12 "Developing and Managing River Basins : The need for adaptive, multilevel, collaborative institutional arrangements". (PDF 142 KB)

IWMI policy briefs

  • Water Policy Briefing: 'Environmental Flows - Planning for Environmental Water Allocation' Issue No. 15, October 2005 (PDF 368 KB)
  • Water Policy Briefing: 'Integrating fisheries into irrigation planning and management' Issue No. 12, January 2005, based on a CA supported research and CA project findings, in English (PDF 247 KB); in Spanish (PDF 160 KB)
  • Water Policy Briefing: 'Improving Water Productivity: How do we get more crop from every drop?' Issue No. 8, March 2003 (PDF 482 KB)

Read more issues of IWMI Water Policy Briefings series.


Essays: 'Issues of Water Management in Agriculture: Compilation of Essays', 2003, compiled by Sithara S Jinendradasa (PDF 2.31 MB)

Discussion Booklet: 'Implications of Land and Water Degradation on Food Security', 2003, compiled by Sithara S Jinendradasa (Word 95 KB)

CA brochure, Influencing What Happens Next, Draft version May 2005. [PDF 4.5MB]

Discussion Papers

CA Discussion Paper 6: 'China’s Water Pricing Reforms for Irrigation: Effectiveness and Impact', 2008, Yongsong Liao, Gao Zhanyi, Bao Ziyun, Huang Qingwen, Feng Guangzhi,
Xu Di, Cai Jiabin, Han Huijing, Wu Weifeng (PDF 947KB)

CA Discussion Paper 5: 'Productivity of water in agriculture: Farmers’ perceptions and practices', 2007, H.F. Mahoo, Z.J. Mkoga, S.S. Kasele, H.E. Igbadun, N. Hatibu, K.P.C. Rao, B. Lankford (PDF 449 KB)

CA Discussion Paper 4: 'Groundwater pollution and emerging environmental challenges of industrial effluent irrigation in Mettupalayam Taluk, Tamil Nadu', 2007, S. Mukherjee, P. Nelliyat (PDF 613 KB)

'Insights' from the Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. Stockholm World Water Week, 2006. Colombo, Sri Lanka. A Draft discussed at the World Water Week, Stockholm, Sweden, August, 2006. (PDF 2.5MB)

CA Discussion Paper 3: 'The Possibilities for Dryland Crop Yield Improvement in India's Semi-arid Regions-Observations from the Field', 2006, Jetske A. Bouma and Christopher A. Scott (PDF 525 KB)

CA Discussion Paper 2: 'Integrated Management of Water, Forest and Land Resources in Nepal: Opportunities for Improved Livelihood', 2005, Dhruba Pant, Sabita Thapa, Ashok Singh, Madhusudhan Bhattarai and David Molden (PDF 1.05 MB)

CA Discussion Paper 1: 'The Effects of Agricultural Irrigation on Wetland Ecosystems in Developing Countries: A Literature Review', 2005, Hector Galbraith, Priyanie Amerasinghe and Annette Huber-Lee (PDF 1.3 MB)

Blue Paper: 'Investing in Water for Food, Ecosystems and Livelihoods', Stockholm Water Week 2004 - David Molden and Charlotte de Fraiture, (PDF, 634 KB)