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  • Rwanda

    Can large-scale land initiatives fulfill their promises?

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    Ecosystem services and resilience

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    Resilience Month-long Theme, May 2014

  • Akosombo Dam, Ghana.

    Should we build more large dams?

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    Season's Greetings

  • Ecosystem Services Month in Review

  • A bundle of services is key to resilience

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    One entrepreneurial farmer has restored her land through water harvesting

    The great water footprint connundra

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    Increasing Water Efficiency for Potato Production

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    Maize in Llanos

    Why is the mantra of "more crop per drop" so seductive?

  • Does farm size really matter in Africa?

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    A farmer uses groundwater for irrigation in Kandal Province, Cambodia.

    Water Productivity the Nebraska Way

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    Entrepreneurs unleash the value locked in human waste