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2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit

Compelling discussion, commentary, stories on agriculture within thriving ecosystems.

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit on Water Security and Water Related Disaster Challenges took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand from May 16-20th, 2013.  The Summit brought leaders together from throughout the region to discuss water challenges and share best practices


With the world's fastest growing economy, Asia faces serious water security challenges alongside a rising population and increasing intensity of natural disaster events.  Economic, food and water security are of utmost importance in the region.  This is where the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) enters the game.  WLE focuses on driving innovation in conservation agriculture, rainwater harvesting and irrigation to bring solutions that allow smallholder farmers to adapt to social, environmental and economic changes through better use, recovery and reuse of finite water, land and energy resources.  This will require vastly improving our knowledge about what approaches work under which circumstances.

Scientists from WLE participated in the Summit and blog posts on their sessions can be found below.

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*Update* View the Chiang Mai Declaration Document here.

Blog Posts:

Taking the "waste" out of wastewater by Abby Waldorf

Structural vs. Non-Structural Approaches to Disaster Management: Which would you choose? by Yoshiaki Inada

Krishna Rao's presentation on "Resource Recovery and Reuse Business Models and Cases on Fecal Sludge and Wastewater from Around the World"

Governance structures challenge integrated water-energy policy development by Abby Waldorf