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Global Landscapes Forum: Investing in Sustainable Landscapes and Livelihoods

Compelling discussion, commentary, stories on agriculture within thriving ecosystems.

How can development and poverty-alleviation focused investments be shaped to sustain landscapes and livelihoods to achieve the SDG’s?

How can such initiatives go to scale?

What do development investors need to design and implement their programs?

Photo: World Agroforestry Centre Photo: World Agroforestry Centre








Sound interesting?  The CGIAR Research Program on Water Land and Ecosystems (WLE) along with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) is hosting a session at the Global Landscapes Forum on November 16th that will focus on addressing these questions.

There has been a recent shift in thinking about agricultural development - now there is a focus on sustainable agricultural intensification that places agriculture production within a wider landscape framework. Concurrently, development investors are now looking for new paradigms for poverty alleviation that incorporate resilience goals and adaptation to threats including climate change.

Join us at the session: ‘Investing in Sustainable Landscapes and Livelihoods' on November 16th 14:00-16:00.

This session will initiate a dialogue between researchers and investors on how this concept can be more widely adopted to have impact at scale. It will introduce examples of a proposed paradigm shift to unite agriculture and nature in a landscape approach to sustainable intensification and then ask investors to comment on how viable and scalable these examples are.  Read more about the session presentations here.

In preparation for the Global Landscapes Forum, the Agriculture and Ecosystems blog has featured stories over the past 4 weeks related to "Restoring soils and landscapes".

For more information on the session click here.

Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter: @WLE_CGIAR with #GLFCOP19 - we will be live tweeting throughout the forum!