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Land degradation and water management in agriculture

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Chapter framing question: What are the consequences of land and water degradation on the multiple users of water in catchments?

Land degradation threatens food security for many of the poorest and most food insecure living in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It also contributes to persistent poverty, and results in decreasing ecosystem resilience and provision of ecosystem services. There is a direct relationship between the degradation of soils and degradation of water related services. These processes occur on local, regional and global scales, and are driven by physical, social, legal, institutional and policy realities.

Chapter purpose: To bring the most important messages from the field of land degradation to the water and food community.

A participatory writing process

The CA is designed as a learning process, engaging networks of stakeholders to produce knowledge synthesis. The chapter writing team favour a regular consultation while writing its synthesis chapter on land degradation and water management in agriculture.

  • face to face brainstorming/writing workshop the 6 to 8 June in Montpellier, France gathering a 15 people chapter team. -> finalise detailed annotated outline for the synthesis chapter, identification of evidences.

Join the discussion and Share your views - joint the CA forum- Land chapter

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