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Ecosystems, Water and Agriculture: Towards a shift in thinking

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This chapter addresses the trends, conditions and response options in relation to ecosystems and water management in agriculture. The challenge for the chapter is to give insights of ways of increasing food production for a growing world population, while sustaining the long-term capacity of the biosphere to produce other ecosystem services, by building, rehabilitating or preserving the resilience of the entire system.

The aim for the chapter is to identify and provide supporting evidence for critical state-of-the-art issues regarding interactions of ecosystems and agricultural water management practices over the past 50 years, as well as current challenges, potential solutions and response options. This chapter takes a cross-cutting approach and will look at how ecosystem issues relate to and can be integrated with all other chapters of the CA.

The Lead Author Team for the chapter is Malin Falkenmark (SIWI), Max Finlayson (IWMI), Tabeth Chiuta (IUCN) and Line Gordon ( Stockholm University). This chapter is supported by the Swedish water house.

A participatory process to prepare the synthesis

The Ecosystem chapter writing team used online discussion and face to face meetings to prepare their first chapter draft. The following events were organised:

  • An online discussion from 24 february to late april organised in four phases to build messages and gain evidence in relation to the topics proposed by the lead authors. Were provided a first draft of the outline of the chapter, including the suggested key messages. Go to the discussion page.
  • A chapter workshop with 20 experts from diverse background and disciplines organised in Montpellier, France with the support of the Swedish water house and ISSIMM.

To join the process - join the ca forum- ecosystem